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Pure genius!
What you really want for Christmas: A video arcade cabinet with a beer tap!

The Arkeg Drink n Game combines video arcade game play with beer on tap. From the front it looks like a pretty standard two-player arcade cabinet. But on the left side, you'll find a beer tap. Inside is a powerful computer in one compartment and a refrigerated beer dispensing system in another. 

The console comes with 69 games installed, including Asteroids, Battlezone, Centipede, Missile Command, Paperboy — and even the original video game, Pong! 

The system is PC based, so you can add more games from the Internet or get them on disc. The system can play up to 15,000 games, according to the company.

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It's frightening to see your son consumed by his trampoline addiction. Please write your congressman today!

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As usual, Woz speaks the truth. How he & Jobs ever got along I'll never understand. My favorite quote? "Last Month, Woz showed up on Google’s campus and received the company’s latest flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, although he chooses to use the Motorola DROID RAZR instead."

I've said it before & I'll say it again. Samsung makes really sexy devices, but they rush them out before they are fully baked.

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Of all the science fiction/fantasy that I consumed as a teen probably the last one I thought I'd see reflected in real science was Anne McCafferey's "Crystal Singer" (the basic background concept being instant communications between star systems using coupled crystals). As I age that boundary between science (ie. things I can understand) & magic (things that I can't) is being blurred.

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This should be worth waking up a bit early for!
A new video that explains the upcoming Dec.10 super-sized lunar eclipse!

Update: Well, Google Music is out of the dog-house in my book. Nathan helpfully pointed out that the Music Manager app does downloading as well. It's not perfect, but it will do. Given all the other things that Google Music does do well, I can over look the rough edges.

Original Post:
I'm definitely going to avoid buying music through Google Music in the future (though I still love that they'll hold up to 20,000 of my own tracks for free!). Here's what happened:

Yesterday I saw the deal to get some albums from Google Music for only $2. Being a music fanatic, I jumped right on it & purchased a few albums. Today I decide I'd like to download those tracks to put them on my shiny new ReadyNAS Ultra4+ for safe keeping (no, I don't trust the cloud -- even Google's -- I backup everything, even my Gmail). I hop on my PC, pull up Google Music & quickly find that there is no option to download entire albums or playlists, just individual tracks. Not wanting to waste time clicking multiple times on each track I purchased I jump on my Android (now that just sounds wrong, doesn't it?) pull up the Google Music app & 'pin' my new albums so that they are cached locally. After download completes I plug in USB, & attempt to locate my new tracks. Searching manually doesn't do it so I have to resort to Windows search (did you just get a chill too? why can't MS do search?). It finds my files buried 4 or 5 sub-directories deep but they are not named rationally. Instead they appear to be named using random numbers. No problem, I think, all the info iTunes needs to auto-name my tracks are embedded in the tag, right? WRONG. Neither the tag nor the album art are embedded in the files.

I'm sticking with eMusic. They make it easy to download stuff I ALREADY OWN. See ya, Gmusic. Sure I'll use you when my too-cheap SD card flakes out & I have to stream, but you won't be getting any more $$ from me! (& trust me, when it comes to music, I'm the type of customer you want).

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Well that's nice 5 or the top 10 are Motorola if only more people actually read Tech Republic. ;-P

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I just received my new Droid RAZR...& all I can say is, WOW! Suddenly all my past smartphones look a bit like Jabba-the-Hutt in comparison.

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Google+ Tips & Tricks document is probably a good place to start for us newbies...
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