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Remember back in college, whenever a new bar or restaurant opened up it was THE place to be? That's kinda' what Google+ feels like right now.
The estimate is based on Census Bureau data and the belief that nearly 10 million people have signed up for the service, and that Google won't restrict them from inviting their friends this week.
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I'm only on it so I can speak intelligently about it. After the travesty that was Buzz, I'm taking a wait and see attitude =]
I never had a Facebook account and was never really interested in social networking. But I've been an avid Gmailer since it was invite-only. I imagine that's why I'm here.
I'm with you Josh. I'm here out of curiosity but am skeptical about the longevity of G+ until they learn to play nice with FB and Twitter. And like you Tommy, I'm also a long-time Gmailer and use a ton of Google Apps every day. So at some level I'd be fine if this did take off.