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Designed by Roman Diaz from his book Origami Essence.
Folded from 20cm washi paper.
A bit of an anticlimax after +david tjong​'s fantastic stag beetle in previous post!
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Designed by Fumiaki Kawahata, folded from instructions in the Czech Origami Society 2013 annual.

I like the marmalade stripes :)
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COIN Series
Many of you may already have read this from the link in GMT's monthly email, but I thought it too good not to share.
While I have a good supply of gaming buddies that love deep games, family commitments mean our schedules rarely line up, as such I play a lot of solo games and got interested in the COIN series for this reason. 
I have a bit of gaming problem. I’m starting to fall in love with some pretty heavy games, and I don’t have anyone to play them with. I won’t bore you with the details. It’s…
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That was a good read, thanks for sharing that!
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Howlrunner was no match for a fully armed and operational 2 year old :) 
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I actually keep superglue in my X-Wing tote just for these occasions.
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What's in the Bag - reveal
Swamped has arrived!
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Your box is bigger than mine though! ;) 
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What's in the Box - reveal
My copy of Food Chain Magnate arrived! Hurrah!
Really looking forward to playing this.

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+Stephen Randall - you'll have to tell us your first impressions after your first game.

I recommend reading up a bit on bgg before introducing this to new players.  There are some threads that discuss some basic starting strategies and discussions about how to introduce this to new players for the first time (e.g. play the intro game or not).
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What's in the Box - reveal
Thanks for playing. +Phil Hatfield​ wins with NVRCFBD ;)
Delivery of TMG's Bomb Squad and Bomb Squad Academy from a rather troubled Kickstarter. 
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No Android app yet or even a soundtrack in their website! They said Panda fixed the issue but no word what they issue for us! My flgs had a copy a few weeks ago and I got mine Monday (in the UK).
Looks good but don't want to play without a soundtrack, might use escapes soundtrack for now and not put the puzzle together
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Have him in circles
537 people
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Hey guys, just letting you know about a new restaurant that's opening up in your area - swing on by, I'd love to supply you with beer and pizza. You do want beer and pizza right? RIGHT??
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On your way to +Zachary Homrighaus restaurant why don't you take one of these great leaflets to read, telling you about my delicious home made organic LEMONADE!
You want lemonade to go with that beer and pizza, right?

Sadly I totally floundered in the game last night (while having awesome fun) I got lost in what I was trying to achieve and what direction my company was heading. It involved lemonade but not a lot else :)

Looking forward to next week's attempt!
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And so it begins...
Buying miniatures you don't need just for their upgrade cards. Well played FFG, well played.
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+Stephen Randall good luck man.
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So... This is a thing.
Is nothing sacred? 
@BoardGameGeek @mleacock @Zmangames_ Oh how I've grown weary of zombies and Cthulhu. I'm sure it'll sell ... Just not to me. James · 4h4 hours ago. James @mythicFOX83. @BoardGameGeek @mleacock @Zmangames_ · Joseph Knight · 4h4 hours ago. Joseph Knight @pianobar77 ...
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Pandemic Munchkin? Kill the disease an take its stuff!
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What's in the Bag?
Origami Stegasaurus for scale
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What's in the Box?
Anatomically confused Parasaurolophus for scale.
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+Dan Roth No no no, boxes are not... they are the ultimate 'not being' you can't not be on a boat!
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Have him in circles
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Keeping the Wheels of Industry Turning
Nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills.
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Lives in Edinburgh with 3 bikes and 2 guitars. Stepfather to 2 cats. Takes photos of Graffiti. Plays boardgames. Fights for the Resistance
Hello, I live in #Edinburgh, #Scotland as the tagline suggests :)

Among my many interests I love #cycling and have a #singlespeed #fixie which I use for #commuting to get about town and which I built myself out of bits cobbled together from a certain auction website.

I also like getting out at the weekend on my racer with the #edinburghroadclub #edinburghrc or just with friends for a days ride around the Borders.
Always happy to chat about the
#vuelta or most cycling chat in general.

I've recently taken up #archery with #PenicuickArchers and am interested in finding out more and taking part in any discussion or hangouts on this.

I like playing #boardgames and usually get together with friends and family once a week for a game of #Carcassonne
#wedidn'tplaytestthisatall - the list goes on!
The charity shops in Edinburgh get visited once a month for any gaming bargains :)  Otherwise I use #boardgamegeek to discover more games.

Last year I completed a #365 photo project, just using my camera phone, I'm quite interested in photography now and am saving up for a #dslr. There's lots of interesting #graffiti around Edinburgh whichI like capturing, along with scenes of urban decay and #urbanexploration.

After watching #AGameOfThrones #agot I've started reading the series. I've always been an avid reader but #GeorgeRRMartin made me buy a #kindle! Hulking those 700 page monsters about wasn't ideal, especially on a bike. I've recently started using #goodreads to keep track of my reading and share with others - I'm always happy to chat about authors, some favourites being #asbyatt, #evelynwaugh. #grahamgreene, #stephenhunt, #sebastianfaulks, #ScarletThomas. #jasperfforde
Bragging rights
Cycled from London to Edinburgh in 48 hours; got a prize for "Diligence" in Primary School...
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Best takeaway Pad Thai I've had. Too often dishes like Pad Thai arrive home in a bit of a stodge. This was fresh, aromatic and visually appealing. First time we went they had gone a bit heavy handed with the fish sauce which was a bit disappointing. Second time we went I asked for less fish sauce and they were happy to oblige. Delicious. The rice paper rolls with guava were delightful. We've not eaten in, but the atmosphere inside when we collected food was relaxed and inviting.
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reviewed a month ago
Very nice friendly staff in a very pretentious boutique - it sells coffee not designer labels! ;) It has a free tasting bar where you can try before you buy. Most importantly it has a recycling point to drop off your used capsules. Full range of coffees and machines available, along with lots of overpriced pretty cups and mugs. I love it!
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Excellent first visit to the recently opened Rabbit Hole. Has a more open interior than its predecessor Sweet Melindas, seems more airy and bright. Simple menu but great quality. Organic burger and Steak Frites were delicious. Staff are superb and the venue is child friendly - No one noticed Peppa Pig underneath the tinkly jazz piano. They also offer a selection of cocktails and there were people in to have a glass of prosecco at the bar, which added to the relaxed atmosphere. The chef is Canadian and they have poutine on the menu next to the lobster and rack of lamb!
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Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Fantastic fresh food, great flavours, tequila that goes down far too easy, all served in a great atmosphere. I can't rave about this place enough - and no, that's not the tequila talking! Pork tacos are a particular highlight. Coeliac friendly.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
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Great fresh fish n chips with gluten free batter available. Food is made to order so be prepared to wait. Excellent.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Has everything you need! (from a chillie perspective) Good place to source gluten free corn tortillas if you're coeliac. Staff are helpful & friendly.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Great selection of real ales and craft beers with some top notch food to boot. This is a popular bar due to its location so it can get a bit busy and crowded, especially on a Friday evening with the after-work crowd from the local offices. For me it's the start of the Golden Beer Mile which takes in The Hanging Bar, Cloisters and The Argyle, but can also include The Blue Blazer and Bennetts Bar.
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reviewed 2 years ago