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Stephen Montagna
"Everyone thinks about changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." – Leo Tolstoy
"Everyone thinks about changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." – Leo Tolstoy

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finally passed along my MBAir ('11) and acquired a new (to me) MacBook Pro 13" ('15) – and decided to give it the 2001 treatment, clear protective case by Speck, augmentation by moi...

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really looking forward to unlocking all those app ideas that have been floating around my brain lately...
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yes. good Monday wake up call for all Management types out there…

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Though I welcome iOS 9 improvements, I gotta say that my 1gen iPad Mini is definitely slowed down and the battery life has taken a nose dive; granted, still in the first 24hrs after upgrade, so willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, but…

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dropped a new trailer for "dojo":

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as a way of re-igniting the fire under my you-know-what to get back to the editing in earnest, I dropped a new trailer for "dojo"; enjoy!

MacBook Air circa 2011 on OS X 10.7 Lion:

Last night, closed lid to sleep it and disconnected from power; this morning, went to wake it and found it unresponsive; on reboot, showed that battery had completely drained; Console showed an item related to the Fitbit client which said "fitbitd: the system is powering down. Simulating a basestation disconnect event."

Doing copious searching but haven't come up with a lead on why/what caused this; anyone seen this before?

#OSXLion   #iCloud  

Ghost in the machine? - Motion 5 project with several video clips; one of these clips I edited in FCP – made it shorter – and then brought back into Motion; when I added it to the timeline on the same layer the original clip once occupied and I play it, I hear the audio of the new AND the previous clip!

I deleted that clip and then the entire layer; when I play the piece I continue to hear the audio of the previous clip where it used to be! There's literally no data for audio in the timeline; so where the #*$% is the sound coming from?!

Anyone ever seen this before? Kinda creepy...

Titles template question: I created lower 3rds in Motion and implemented them in FCP on one Mac; am now editing project on another Mac that does not have Motion; how can I make the lower 3rd templates available in FCP on the second Mac? Are they in Project data, Event data, or stored elsewhere?

editing HD project on a MacBook Pro circa 2009 w/ 8GB RAM; FCP X 10.0.9; project is on a 4TB HD via Firewire 800; as it has gone beyond 44 min in length, I periodically get error messages saying FCP can't write to disc; end up having to quit, eject HD, clean my memory, re-launch FCP, re-mount drive and continue; backing up to identical 4TB HD daisy-chained...

while I CAN work, I'm losing lots of time doing this dance; any pointers on what might be causing this? Is this "typical" (ie: to be expected on older systems, a result of a larger project, etc.)?
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