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Bathroom Vape Shop Mixing with a open toilet bowel in Tennessee

A Guy who posted a pic of a local vape shop that had liquid, and other mixing tools in the store bathroom next to a open toilet and would not disclose the name of the shop in fear of retaliation, GROW SOME BALLS! You are now going to let vapers vape this contaminated germ filled liquid.


Scientists at Leeds University tested the air above toilets and found that the germ, C. difficile, which causes violent bacteria and vomiting, can be spewed up to 10 inches above toilet seats with every open flush. These germs were found on the sides of the toilet, on the top, and on the floor—even when the toilet wasn’t in use. In other words, even an unoccupied, open bowl can spread bacteria.

Although the highest levels of bacteria were found right after a flush, even 90 minutes later, between 15-47 contaminated water droplets were detected on nearby surfaces—which means you may want to think twice about where you’re leaving your toothbrush.

The best way to prevent the spread of these bacteria? Keep the lid closed! The study found that this reduced the spread of bacteria by 10 times. If someone if your family has come down with the winter bug, clean off all areas of the toilet regularly. And if you’re out in public among lidless toilets, make sure to wash your hands.
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Yep, and posting things like this will get ALL small businesses banned from producing juice; even though MOST do it in a proper, sanitary fashion. The FDA, big tobacco, and big pharma thank you for this post.
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Vanden Schmitt Owner

Please take a few minutes to read. Feel free to share or post anywhere you feel necessary, and please share with anyone you know who needs to know the truth about vaping

Some of you who have been vaping for years may already know this information, but some of you who have just been introduced to vaping need to know exactly what's going on. It's crucial that you understand exactly why vaping is being attacked by local and federal governments, anti-smoking agencies, the media, and health care groups.

"The MSA is an accord reached in November 1998 between the state Attorneys General of forty-six states, five U.S. territories, the District of Columbia and the five largest tobacco companies in America concerning the advertising, marketing and promotion of tobacco products. In addition to requiring the tobacco industry to pay the settling states approximately $10 billion annually for the indefinite future, the MSA also set standards for, and imposed restrictions on, the sale and marketing of cigarettes by participating cigarette manufacturers."
"Over the years, the states have collected record amounts of tobacco revenue, but are spending less of it on tobacco prevention programs. According to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, which tracks state tobacco prevention spending vs. state tobacco revenues, only one state to date – North Dakota—currently funds a tobacco prevention at even half the level recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."
(States rely on the millions of dollars they receive each year from the MSA to pay for all types of necessities in their budgets)

"The MSA agreement requires the tobacco companies to pay approximately $195.9 billion to the states between now and 2025 (in current dollars). These payments are increased to account for inflation (with a minimum increase of 3% per year), but are reduced when the top four cigarette companies’ combined U.S. cigarette sales or their combined percentage share of the total U.S. cigarette market fall below 1997 levels – and those companies’ U.S. market share and sales have been declining steadily. So far, this downward volume adjustment has reduced the amounts paid by all the participating manufacturers to the states by more than the upward inflation adjustment has increased them but the inflation adjustment is catching up."
(As you can clearly see, as tobacco sales decline, so does the $$ each state receives. Vaping has caused a serious decline in revenue for Big Tobacco, and a serious decline in revenue for the states)
*This link will show you how badly some of the states need the MSA money and how badly some of them have dealt with the money-…/how-the-big-tobacco-deal-went-bad.…

The pharmaceutical companies that make The Patch, Nicorette, and Chantix are huge multi-billion dollar companies that protect their products and profits at all cost. Their goal is to make money, pay the board, and keep the shareholders happy. Up to this point in history, Big Pharma has had the market cornered on products that help (mostly unsuccessfully) to quit smoking. Vaping has shocked Big Pharma and seriously hurt their "quit smoking" businesses. Big Pharma does not like to lose money, they're a business first and foremost. 
*Big Pharma does not like e-cigs-…/its-official-big-phar…

It is proven knowledge that Big Pharma uses it's incredible profits to influence numerous aspects of our every day lives, from lining the pockets of politicians, influencing doctors, and swaying the media. Pharmaceutical companies are able to track every single prescription a doctor writes and happily rewards them for pushing their products. The "professional" doctors you see smearing vaping on television talk shows are absolutely being influenced and compensated by Big Pharma. Doctors are smart, they do their homework, but money pays the bills; Especially true in this age of strict health insurance companies making it very difficult for doctors to increase profits and grow their business. 
* Here is a funny John Oliver piece outlining big Pharma's influence on health professionals-

Political campaign monetary contributions, extravagant gifts, vacations, etc.... Big Pharma has the influence ($$$) to sway government officials to write, pass, or deny bills and laws to work in their favor and protect their products. They operate the same way the oil companies and big tobacco companies operate (more on that later). If you throw enough money at a problem you'll get your way. Vaping is BAD in a HUGE way for Big Pharma! They will and have been doing everything in their power to kill the vape industry. They will continue until they get their way.
*Here is a great article about Big Pharma influencing politicians. It's worth finding and watching the 60 Minutes special about it-

Big Tobacco has a love hate relationship with vaping. The vape industry as been killing their profits over the past few years, but Big Tobacco got smart quickly and started purchasing the big vape companies that have dominated the convenience stores, gas stations, and drug stores with their cig-a-like sticks. These are the markets that Big Tobacco dominates, and these are THEIR retailers. The vape commercials you see on TV are mainly brought to you by Big Tobacco. Big Tobacco protects their profits exactly the same way as Big Pharma. The main tobacco companies have devised an interesting and unique plan to profit from vaping while killing all the small businesses created from the technology. First, buy all the vape companies that offer products in their main retail outlets. Second, support and agree with the FDA on their forthcoming regulations and pressure them into banning any device that is not a pre-filled cartridge system (cig-a-likes). They provide info and studies to the FDA to "prove" how dangerous anything but a pre-filled cig-a-like stick is to consumers. With their power ($$$) they can influence and sway the decisions of the FDA into their favor. Big Tobacco doesn't want to kill vaping, they just want to make it impossible for anyone other than them to profit from it. If the FDA decides in their favor, you will only be able to buy pre-filled cig-a-like sticks, AND ONLY buy them in gas stations, grocery stores, and convenience stores. These are the retail outlets that Big Tobacco dominates and basically owns. Independent vape retailers and manufacturers will not be able to compete or stay in business.
*This is how Big Tobacco wants to take over the e-cig market-…/article_77b131f5-540d-5f02-927c…

Don't you find it strange that all the health organizations (non-profit and for-profit) that are anti-tobacco / anti-smoking are also anti-vaping? They all recommend the use of the patch, the gum, or the drug to cure your addiction. They all use partial information, misleading statements, and flawed studies to prove how bad vaping is for you, and how dangerous it can be for your family. You must understand that these organizations are businesses with employees. Even a non-profit uses it's money to pay salaries. If people quit smoking and using tobacco, these businesses will have no more business to practice. Oh, and let's not forget that these organizations get a huge amount of funding from Big Pharma. Does Big Pharma like vaping? Now, are these "health" organizations looking out for the health of the public or the health of their company?
*Here is how Big Pharma supports health organizations-…/anti-smoking-groups-t…

Local and state government agencies need your tax dollars, plain and simple. When people buy cigarettes, a huge percentage of the sale is tax revenue. When you buy vape gear in a store you only pay regular sales tax to your state/county. As vaping sales rise, cigarette sales decrease. Your state and county do not like this at all! This one of the reasons why so many counties and states want to apply astronomical taxes to your vape supplies. Secondly, refer to #5 (Big Pharma and the government). Also, refer to #2 (Money from the MSA) If you are lucky to have local representatives and council members that think for themselves, act in the publics best interest, and do their own research, you'll find that vaping has not yet been banned in your city.
* No link needed for these facts. Countless states and counties want to impose huge taxes on e-cig sales*

The mainstream media is not a truth service for the public. Mainstream media is a multi-billion dollar business controlled by a small handful of companies. These companies are able to control what is portrayed and reported to the public. They are easily manipulated by big businesses and politicians. They make money from advertising on their stations. What do you know????....Big Pharma has a lot of commercials on mainstream TV and radio! Wouldn't you want to keep your advertisers happy? Media is a business, plain and simple. What better way to sway public opinion than to broadcast your messages directly to them, worldwide. 
*This is a little outdated but it paints the picture-…/…/media-infographic.jpg
*Fortunately we have one major media personality on our side, Greg Gutfeld-

Once you clearly see through the media propaganda, the political lies, the smear campaigns, and blatant disregard for public safety, you will see the TRUTH. This is a fight over MONEY, and only MONEY. Big Tobacco and Big Pharma want ALL the profits that vaping has generated. They have lost control of the market and want it back as they have had since tobacco became a business. They have the money to influence the media, the government, and health professionals They have no concern over your health or ability to quit smoking. They only want your money.

As you reply to anti-vaping campaigns and fight for your right to vape, keep the above info in mind when making comments, talking to the media, or talking with your local government. There has not yet been an unbiased or correctly implemented scientific study on e-cigs that has shown ANY proven detriment to your health. The only thing studies have shown is that there are a handful of chemicals, in very small concentrations, in the vapor we inhale. Cigarette smoke on the other hand has been proven to contain high levels of thousands of dangerous and cancer causing chemicals in each puff. Of course none of us yet know of any long term health effects from vaping, but scientific studies and personal stories have proven that vaping is undeniably much much healthier than smoking a cigarette!

Lastly, we all know that the vape industry does NOT and has NEVER marketed it's products to children. That is just a cheap scare tactic to sway public opinion. This industry is doing EVERYTHING it can to be 100% legal and legitimate. We ARE saving lives. ‪#‎vapingsavedmylife‬
*You can visit for more facts and useful info

Thank you for listening and thank you to everyone I have ever met or spoken with in this wonderful industry!
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At this point, it seems highly unlikely that the public will ever see any of the 400+ hours of footage recorded for We Are Vapers, and the idea of a completed feature-length documentary should have been dismissed long ago by even the most optimistic donors to the project.

There is nothing to show for We Are Vapers except a lot of excuses, a defunct website, and a close-lipped attitude towards the community who donated nearly $22,000 to make it happen. All questions have now been answered, except one:
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Ok, while I'm fucking off, you go ahead and give some money to Vaping Greek. I mean he helped Jason boyse rob a bunch of people by charging them for mods that never got made. Then he helped linc raise that we are vapers money for the movie that never got made. Now he is raising money with that scammy Greek doctor for a study that is never going to happen.

Each time Vaping Greek has dipped his quill into the Vaping well he has come up with more and more ink every time. That is possible through the deep stupidity of people that would rather shout an ignorant obscenity than actually think, read and be informed.

BTW, my moms name was steph, it's really odd for your moms name to be "off" but hey, whatever.
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curious, I've had zero problems with my efest batteries . . .
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This SCAMMER named JIM REVES of Fort Walton Beach, Fl  is real looser, and should be arrested on fraud chargers. I have caught him three times in the last three weeks using other winners screen names claiming he won their giveaways. 
If you know this guy be careful, report, and tell him what a DICK he is!
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Petit larceny...
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I am just a middle income worker in the trucking industry for over 35 years that has been vaping since Feb 2, 2009  trying to bring awareness of Electronic Cigarettes that has helped me breath again, and may of added more years to my life, plus to bring you the GOOD, and BAD of e-cig products out their on the market by doing video reviews, and with also posting them along with other e-cig related topics on vaping social links like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Being also a Host on the Worlds Biggest E-Cig Vapin Show Mod Envy Sat Nights 10 PM est with VaporJoe, NirtroBex, and TinyVapor, links to our show, and Facebook group are below.

A lot of E-Liquids, and sometimes other e-cig products are sent to me for the purpose of review or from our show sponsors but I also buy a lot of products myself, but either way I will always bring you a unbiased review.   
Any questions you may have I can be reached at

Here are some of my e-cig social links below which you can join me, follow me, watch me or just hangout with me.

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E-Cig vendors, and E-cig Products Not Recommended, Please post your faulty ecig products along with the vendors name here, and any rip off ecig vendors that are taking advantage of vapers. Pictures and videos are welcomed of these products,

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Love this place for meeting some of my vaping friends over coffee, and they have good WiFi service.
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Love this Place, Food is Great with nice size potions, service is Excellent, and the cost is moderate.
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I go here for a few items monthly, work gloves, cheap China cell phone accessories, and NJ farm fresh produce. Pricing is excellent for these items. But traffic could be harsh getting their on some weekends when Raceway Park has a event, adding more traffic then normal.
Appeal: Very GoodFacilities: Very GoodService: Very Good
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