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Welcome to the Nightclub of my Mind..
Welcome to the Nightclub of my Mind..

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My son is off to America again tomorrow with his wife and 2 kids.. for yet another Dizknee experience..
Personally I think he's an idiot for wanting to go, but I do hope that American immigration don't treat them like terrorists, I'd hate to see images of my 2 and a half year old grand daughter in handcuffs..
I had the thought that, hey, they don't look middle eastern and his name is sure a christian sounding one.. so they should be OK,, but then I remembered, Mem Fox doesn't look like a terrorist and they had no problems locking her up for a few hours..

Mem Fox had travelled to the US 116 times before this incident.. she's said she may never go back.
I've been there once.. I'll never go back.

fuck America.

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Who would o' thunk it..

cool, or what
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I have a Galaxy tab .. Anabelle has an identical Galaxy tab.
I managed to break the original charge lead on mine (mostly because I would be using it as it charged and the lead kept getting bent just out of the 30 pin and it eventually broke some wires)
Instead of ripping it to bits and tracing the problem, I just did the modern thing, bought a new one from ebay for about 3 or 4 bucks, free postage, worked fine.. yeah, right up until I busted it a few days ago in a stupid slip.
So, now Anabelle and I have 2 tabs but only 1 original samsung OEM charge cord.
Here's the weird thing..
When I use the cord from Anabelle's tab, I get the red X symbol in the middle of the charge light and online forums suggest that the cause is a lower than standard capacity charger.. ie, 2 amp and not a 3.1..
Thing is, it's been like that from day 1 when we bought both the tabs as a bundle... my charger and lead on both tabs, worked perfectly..
The lead from Anabelle's tab charges her tab perfectly.. mine, slow as buggery, regardless of which adaptor I use it on..
Bottom line.. 2 identical tabs - 2 identical adaptors - 2 supposed identical leads.. not to be. 1 only ever worked correctly on the one tab.

I ordered another new lead from ebay last night, . but I might need to make a trip out to jaycar and pay triple the online price for a new one.. seems nobody else stocks them any more

Also, it never shows "charging" on the start screen with this lead.

Topic of discussion here this morning about the partial dropping of the weekend penalty rates for those people who are stuck working ..

I mentioned to Anabelle that if I had the spare cash, I'd be kind of tempted to say to a staff member "has your pay dropped because your boss dropped your sunday rates?" and doing something about it.. that's when she asked, is this just another way to shuffle American traditions into Australia by the Fiberals (the same end of politics as the Retardicans) by the introduction of a 'tipping culture' .. the make up of poor wages by the reward for services..

I honestly can't see this bullshit move creating any jobs at all..

Also, will the "Sunday Surcharge" be dropped by companies like Dominoes if they reduce pay rates?

edit... as I'm posting this Anabelle pointed out .. "keep an eye on prices too,, if a pizza is $10 this week,, will it be $10.50 next week? regardless of the so called rates drop"

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Image of Livia Bommer, so I just discovered.. found some more for another day :D

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Waits for the first business to employ someone new because of a pay cut .....
taps foot

waits some more
Our moronic Government have decided that penalty rates for those who have to work on the weekend need to be dropped, it costs too much for the business owner to employ these workers... According to the Government this will lift employment..
I wonder how they figure that out?
it takes X number of people to run a Sunday trading business, dropping their pay will lower the overheads for management but as the staff had no problem running the business with the numbers they had before, obviously, there's no point employing anyone else, that'd be a waste of money..

Funny how many cuts wouldn't have to happen if people like Gina were required to pay any taxes at all..
Be less cuts if these arseholes didn't have so many perks too..

Just looking through some of these names... I've never even heard of many of them, they must do a great job running ruining the place


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Problem is, out there somewhere, there's going to be people who can't see anything wrong here..
They are the ones who can't be fixed :D

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