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For folks interested in building your own earbuds for Glass.  Yes, it's micro-USB.  No, you can't just buy any old 3.5mm->microUSB adapter.

+Jenny Murphy covers how to build a stereo adapter here:
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I attempted to hack together my own but it got messy.  Sure wish we just had a Glass adapter with a micro usb female to connect to a charger AND a 3.5mm jack. Would be magical...
Tempting. I might actually attempt this. 
+Jason Kruger I'd just like the existing earbud with an option to also plug in a charger.
It would be magical, but I'm told on the current hardware that's impossible.  :(
Glass charges pretty fast, mind you, so it's not a long interruption if you need to stop and charge up.
What about just adding a 3.5mm port on the back or underside of the battery housing in future revisions? Need magic...
The physical space required to support a 3.5mm port are pretty onerous.  Look at the dimensions for a 3.5mm jack and they're huge (relative to the size of Glass anyway).
+Jason Kruger A 3.5mm port is a nasty cost for a device of that form factor. Headphone jacks are huge. Honestly, if Google was going to make a specific audio out port, which isn't a bad idea, they'd be better off either having a second micro-USB port, or a proprietary smaller audio output port with a converter for full 3.5mm.
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