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Psyched to launch Music on Glass.  A bunch of us (+Nancy Zheng, +Neel Parekh, +Salil Pandit and myself) built this from the Glass side, but we completely leveraged all the efforts of the Play Music Android team in building on top of their app.

As many have noted, and already found out through side-loading, our approach with the Play Music team here was to completely reuse the Play Music APK and just build a Glass UI and user experience on top of it.

Cautionary note to those sideloading: the APK you are loading on will work for the most part, but has some known issues and bugs.  The APK we'll be launching later has addressed some of the known ones.

Cautionary note #2: You may have issues upgrading to the new APK if you have one sideloaded already.  When it comes time for us to launch our APK via redacted method, make sure you adb uninstall the old APK before attempting to install the new one.
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It won't be like a silent push deal, right? So we known when to remove ours?

I'm definitely glad to see the Glass team handling the APKs like Android intended: One for all UIs, be it tablet, phone, or otherwise.
I think there's an inevitable endorsement in the works from Philip Glass, no? 
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