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So, as a side note, if you sideloaded Music2.apk, you should go uninstall it first otherwise this one will fail to install.
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Stupid question... how does one un-install.. assume I am a stupid. Will a factory reset do this?
hehe I know :) But some of us are just smart enough to follow a tutorial but not know how to reverse it lolz... hehe you all make me giggle thinking I was serious..but it's good for those of us who are learning to know how.
Hmm.... I have my GApps account associated with my Glass and Music is giving me an error about mobile device policy. I don't see where to enable this in the Admin panel. Can you help, +Stephen Lau?
I've been stuck with the install card for half an hour. Oh! This is lovely. Though some of the animations/transitions are a bit janky and there's not a separate volume control for music and system sounds.
Now, If I only had proper headphones for Glass.
I followed the tutorial I can do this a bit well
+David Hodge If you're an Explorer with an invite code, you can go to the getglass page to order stereo earbuds. Those of us who didn't have those codes before (who ordered by phone) were just mailed the code with a link today.
+Jake Weisz Thanks.  Not sure how I missed it, have had Glass since the end of July.
+Alan Clegg I know, right? Before today, I would've laughed in the face of anyone who ever suggested it was worthwhile spending $85 on headphones of any flavor. But today, my credit card felt injured by this purchase.
Quick install for me, Sweet!!
+Dave Lorenzini From my understanding, you have to hack the cable in one of those adapters to get it to work with Glass.
Looks like that particular Samsung cable has a ~370KΩ resistor shorting the pins, so it might work within the tolerance (we normally look for 500KΩ, but allow for a fairly good tolerance based on manufacturing variance).  I suspect YMMV with this depending on your particular Glass unit.
wahooo! just ordered my set of stereo buds thank you Stephen for all the hard work
Good job dude. Unfortunately the XDI functionality still looks dormant...
+Stephen Lau Do you know whether there's any chance of a "keep on device" functionality here? As one of the many people on limited data, it'd be quite crippling if the answer was no.

The things I want to keep on device, mind you, are also being kept on my phone, which Glass is connected to, so if it was possible for Glass to pull Kept on Device music from my phone where possible, that'd be a huge thing.
+Stephen Lau Ah, nice, 500k is the ID resistor value?  Thanks!  Is that just for the stereo version, or do both the stereo and mono buds use the same resistor value?

Left audio on MicroUSB Pin 2 and right on Pin 3?
So is the same Music app you were working on back when I was interning?
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