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You Can Soon Type In Albert Einstein’s Handwriting!
Although it might not directly increase your intelligence, but you can at least write like a genius by typing everything in Einstein's handwriting.

Typographer Harald Geisler, and dancer-turned-physicist Liz Waterhouse started the design of Albert Einstein font back in 2009. After six months of analyzing thousands of Einstein's old manuscripts, letters and documents from the Albert Einstein Archives, the letters were created with the perfect size, shape and weight.

They've now turned the project to Kick starter aiming to make the font available on PCs, Macs, Linux, tablets and smartphones by 2016.

To make the font actually look like handwriting, Geisler created at least four versions of each letter that automatically "rotate" or "switch" as we type. He calls this 'polyalphabetic substitution' - a term borrowed from cryptology; because the algorithm in the font is inspired by the rotating barrels of an Engima encryption machine.

Kickstarter link:

Letter written by Apkors,a maths student to someone special.......
Dear Cynthia,
With reference to the syllabus of my feelings, I want to prove that the locus of my point is directly proportional to your heart. On seeing you, I feel like a triangle with only 2 angles, the third one being you.
At times I feel like a circle without a circumference and a tangent without a gradient. We are like two simultaneous equations without solutions. You never seem to notice that I am a point lying at your linear equation. Your smile make my mind rotate 360 degrees anticlockwise and applying a translation, I finally get your image.
You are factors of a quadratic equation but still feel two disjoint sets. You are the hypotenus of my right angled triangle and on using either sine or cosine, we can obtain a real solution. I tried to deal with you on a calculator version but the probability of success is very low.
My letter consists of only one section to be answered without a calculator and the answer is to be given "Yes" in three significant figures. My life without you is like coordinates of a quadratic turning point. My love for you is infinite like the graph of Tan 90 and Tan 270 degrees.

Yours Mathematical lover

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Sorry for you dog, play time is over

How about some history to go with that math? Pi
throughout the ages. >> # PiDay
Pi history

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