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Stephen Krieg
Fine art, natural history, and travel photographer; multimedia artist
Fine art, natural history, and travel photographer; multimedia artist


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First Fall Weather at Mesa Verde
Rain curtain from the Navajo Canyon overlook, Mesa Verde. Mid September, and I'm enjoying the first fall weather of the season, which looks like it's going to continue. Goodbye summertime heat at last? I drove the Mesa Top Loop road first, just after the fi...

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Days So Much Shorter
Pinon Pine snag at Montezuma Valley Overlook. It's August now. Late summer. It's been a spectacular one, too. Rain showers in the afternoon, keeping the land green. Minimizing the wildfire danger. At this time of the year, the days (length of daylight) are ...

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Mesa Verde Summertime View
Navajo Canyon, Mesa Verde. It's mid summer. Here comes late summer right around the corner. I try to enjoy all the seasons. People are saying: "It's almost August! Where is the summer going?" It's going day by day, of course. Soon it will be fall, my favori...

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High Country Summer
Colorado Hwy. 145 near Lizard Head Pass It was the end of June, and I had not been back up into the southwest Colorado high country in over a month. Up the Dolores river valley from the quaint and historic river town of Dolores on Highway 145. Up past the h...

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Starry, Really Starry Night at 10,000 Feet
Milky Way and infinite friends, from Lizard Head Pass. Summertime, and the living's easy. Right? Especially up in the Rocky Mountains of southwest Colorado. I was back up at Lizard Head Pass, and had found an excellent campsite on the National Forest to set...

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Moonrise, Moonset, and Sleeping Ute Mountain
Totten Reservoir, Mesa Verde, and Sleeping Ute Mountain. It was Full Moon time, that time of the month to once again try for great landscape photos featuring the moonrise. In June, sunset occurs late, just after 8:30 PM, which is also about the time that th...

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Mesa Verde Wildflowers: Fendlerbush
Fendlerbush blossoms, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado The first day of June in Mesa Verde National Park. I stopped at the Far View pueblo sites for an early evening walk. Being on the mesa top, it's an easy walk, and it was a beautiful late afternoon. Be...

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Mesa Verde from Park Point
Looking south from Park Point, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. Early May, and the spring season is well along. Not far from the Memorial Day weekend start to the real crush of visitors. A great time to explore the park before it gets hot and crowded. I ...

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The Great Sage Plain Greens Up
Winter wheat fields and Abajo Mountains, Dove Creek, Colorado Going home, early May. Dove Creek, southwest Colorado. Actually I had come up from the lower Dolores River at Slick Rock, enjoying the swollen river and the boaters floating down to their take-ou...

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Mesa Verde: the Green Table-Mountain is Greening Up
Point Lookout Trail, along the North Rim, Mesa Verde National Park. Mesa Verde is Spanish for "green table". Mesa Verde National Park in southwest Colorado encompasses that "table", which is actually a tilted one (a cuesta , in geologic terms). It's a high ...
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