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I just got back from vacation and was lucky to have a fresh Working Differently in Extension podcast episode ready for my Monday commute; thanks for the shout out +Bob Bertsch!

In this episode, Bob talks with +Kevin Gamble about the changes in the eXtension Learn site and possible changes to the Ask an Expert system to harness the powers of online networks. It's all part and parcel of extension becoming more public and engaged.

I highly recommend that you give it a listen. #netlit
Kevin Gamble, associate director for the National eXtension Initiative, joins us to talk about changes in eXtension's Learn system ( and upcoming changes to eXtension's Ask an Expe...
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Thanks, Steve. Hope the timing worked out for you :)
Well, my commute is quite a bit longer than one of your podcasts, so maybe you can work out a special extended edition feed just for me!
With my ability to run on at the mouth, that shouldn't be a problem.
I think that as we in Extension continue to use social media daily to have conversations with others, it will become easier because we will gain confidence. What is most important is that we use our collective knowledge to communicate accurately and respond quickly.
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