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2 Black men killed in 2 days.
5 Police officers killed.
Decades, if not centuries of systematic discrimination, and growing rage.

No ones surprised it's come to this.

This is not only a tragedy, but a travesty.

Amidst these horrid events, the USA in conjunction with NATO has begun what will likely result in a war with Russia; which unlike the string of countries that have been decimated without justification, is fully capable of fighting back. The world is on the brink of a war that is more than capable of producing consequences we cannot return from. While we squabble about religion, and anything else that can divide and distract us, the fate of the world is being gambled. 

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Only for a Genius! 99.9999% of people do not get the answer! Think on thinkers mind! 99% of children answer correctly! ...Idiots.

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Should the group name be changed to Pseudo-intellectuals?
47 votes
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Should have always been

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These series sound like complete and utter shit. 

+Google Maps How the hell do I rotate a map, and why the hell do I have to ask?

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Every time I log into YouTube, I have this annoying extra step of choosing which account I'd like to log into: YouTube or Google +. I'm a fan of Google + even with Google forcefully jamming it down my throat, but this has to be the most annoying thing I've ever seen.  The most annoying part is that if I sign into my Google account I have to dick around with my settings to get access to my YouTube account videos, which for some absurd reason, I can't access through my G+ account.  

I'll gladly drop my old YouTube ID, if you'd do me the courtesy of allowing me to transfer ownership of all of my uploaded videos from my YouTube account to my G+ account.  I know that this glaringly obvious option might be mind blowing for you, but it would be great if you could do this little thing so I don't have to switch accounts every 10 seconds because this design is a steaming pile.  

I don't want to manage it from a page. I want it to be simple, you know... the way it should be.  The way it should have been from the beginning.  

Thanks for getting on this immediately, and I humbly accept your apology for so colossally screwing this up.

+YouTube +Google+ 

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