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... this is so simple. Perhaps it needs to be like a little cartoon. Whether you are liberal, conservative, libertarian, free thinker, atheist or religious, spend eight minutes watching this little thing. I find no fault in it. It explains the meaning of Liberty as well as I have seen it explained. So many people of late toss this word around and obviously have no understanding of what it means. This is what it means. Anyone who wants to understand my politics will find the answer here.
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Good music too!! Thank you.

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it dose I installed someting the wrong way round and now i can't access amazon...I'm tekkie challenged:))

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Yes, there is no more heinous crime than to defy a corrupt president ... I have spent time in Caracas, and have a love for the place and the people ... the price this country has paid for electing Chavez, the precursor to the current criminal regime, is incalculable ... 
National police in camouflage uniforms smashed into the office of Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma on Thursday and carried the opposition figure away. President Nicolas Maduro announced that the mayor would be punished for all his efforts to disturb the peace. Reports of the arrest set off...

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The Kingdom of God is not to be found in mansions of wood or stone ...
... it is within you and without you, and all around you ...
Split a piece of wood and I am there ...
Turn over a stone and you will find me ...
[Gospel of Thomas]
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Beautiful, Thank you 🌷🌹

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Some might not wish to be here, but I find it gratifying to be included in the World's Library.
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+Stephen Jackson Good to know, thanks my friend!!! ♡♡

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A reminder about the Secular Republic better known as the United States of America.

So many fundamentalist Christians in this nation want to rewrite history ... that the founding fathers of this nation wanted to found a christian nation. Bollocks. What our founding fathers founded this nation upon was reason. This was, in fact, the first nation, to our knowledge, in history to be founded as a truly secular nation ... a Secular Republic. This is what they meant by Novus Ordo Seclorum .... a New Order for the Ages ( the proper translation of that phrase). No clergy dictating that a particular bloodline had a divine right to rule ... no national religion ... a land where those of any faith, or of none, were given the Liberty to believe or to not believe, as they saw fit. The 'New Order' some talk about is here ... has been here ... we are it and always have been. What most of them want is an 'old order' ... feel free to create that somewhere else.
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Uncle Charles Darwin ... 😎

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... OK ... the nineteenth century Masonic book engraving which is claimed to he the source of the carving on the Bat Creek stone. For all to compare. Note that the first character from the book is not found on the stone ... but most of them are almost identical .... which makes this vey difficult to dismiss. To me, this pretty much marks the Bat Creek Stone as a nineteenth century fraud ... given that the odds of this kind of a match, and that a well booked Mason of the era might well have owned it .... I had Mason ancestors in the state at this time ... pretty much strikes this relic a death blow.
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I see what You mean and I agree!

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Examinations of the Bat Creek Stone ... a forgery copied from a Masonic Encyclopedia?
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Before the more recent conversations on such artifacts as the Kensington Stone, and the attribution of its content to the idea of double dating from the Easter Table, this idea was explored in the 1960's. Stumbling across this, it seemed a work worthy of sharing.
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Incredible post! Thanks😘

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... few understand the ancient trinity, and how deeply woven it is into our entire civilization .... much of the Christian Myth was told first about Horus. Isis is Goddess .... all Goddess ... she has ... many names ... with different names before and after. She is the Tree of Life, also, and the Harlot on the back of the Dragon (for He, the Serpent, is the most ancient of Gods) ... and she is the Queen of Heaven ... it is these Three which are symbolized by the Triangle and by the 47th problem of Euclid.

As an aside to the text below ... Genesis also uses the root 'gen' of incalculable age ... the origin root of the words Genie (the powerful creator spirits), Genius ... Engineer ... Imagine ... it means ... to create.
Genesis, Gene-sis, Genealogy of ISIS..
Genesis is a Greek word, implies “the very beginning” the word Genesis itself means its “origin” or genealogy, in the Greek language Genesis is Gennesis (Ghen’nay-sis) from Genos, Ghen-os, meaning a particular kind or kindred; also Gennao, “to pro-create” of a father, but by extension of a mother, to be delivered of, or to regenerate, conceive or be born.
However, in the Aramic Hebrew language the word Genesis is Barashiyth, which comes from the root word Bara, meaning to “reconstruct” or reconstruction”
Barashiyth is a replenishing and repopulating of a selected part of the planet earth by a selected and bred stock or tribe of people.
Barashiyth means “procreation”
Now look at the word Genesis closely, Gene (Genealogy) and ISIS, meaning “the genealogy of Isis”
The books we use for finding the starting point of this “on-going” event is very inaccurate, very.
Continuing to read over and over will leave you perplexed, we have the Romans and Greeks version, for it was them that invaded Kemet (Egypt) ISIS is what the Greeks use to refer to who was ASET, Isis is emotions, because she waged a lot of wars between EN.QI and EN.LIL sons, but she was also love, she is incarnated from ISHTAR, IN.ANNA, who also becomes known as Venus, Aphrodite, Lakshmi, Rhiannon, Aset, Isis, and to the Hebrews she became Esther, she is also Lillith.
IN.ANNA means "Beloved of ANU"
Its Aset’s face that is the Shpinx, Aset means “throne” for she sits on the throne of the known world.
This image is that of Osiris (Asar/Ausar) Heru (Horus) Aset/Auset (Isis) the original trinity, the Father, Son and Mother.
The real truth will never leave you....
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Thank you, +very humble, I though it was very cool!
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