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When I delete a photo from my phone's gallery, Google plus also deletes it. Since I have them backed up to g+, I thought I could delete them from the phone gallery to save space. 

I've noticed that lately my apps haven't updated lately. I am not set for auto update. The number of apps I have have dwindled from 70-67.
I've noticed that there was an update recently for Hbo go and Itriage but never got the update which as you know appears on the very top of my list of apps whenever there is one. 

Lovin this phone, but I need to clean it. What's the best thing to use ?

Hi, I am looking for an app that would let you use gestures within an app. I would like to use a gesture where I would be able to use a gesture to bring up a volume slider.

Any other ideas/ thoughts about using gestures withn apps
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