This was yesterday Instagram feature - Today I would like to introduce you to @dailyreds( IG handle ). This one is a bit of an enigma for me, not sure of his name but he is from Indonesia. At the end of the day his photos speaks for itself. There is a reason why he goes by the name Dailyreds, his stream is focused around showing elements of red in his pictures.

I must say his work is consistent and full of style and creative focus. Its one of those feeds that you should inspect carefully and go through all the way to the very first picture he posted. Every-shot has a unique visual element. He sometimes brings in typography into his work and when he does it works out perfectly every-time. His work is not highly saturated at all but quite subdued, yet has a very strong narrative and consistent tone. If you take a look at his pics, it is all very high concepts and very creative. In the image above is a perfect example where he did a self portrait of him sitting in what appears to be in movie theaters with subtle lighting and perfect balance which will make you say wow. Now if you are going to do a self portrait that is how you do it!!!! To me it’s like design and creativity just flows out of every pore of his body and we are privileged to go along on his creative ride to see what he conjures up next.
Please take some time and go through his stream and say hi while you're over there. I would love to know what you think.

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