INSTAGRAM FEATURE ARTIST - With the last couple of rainy days and gray skies, its nice to introduce you to Eric ( IG handle @erin_love) who is a burst of sunshine. Erin is currently living in the magical place of Key West with her two lovely girls. If you are in the need of quiet vacation this is a wonderful place to spend a few days visiting. I found Erin feed a few weeks ago and I was immediately drawn to how she takes photos around the area and representing the lightness and peace of Key West. Erin color palette is very soothing often times her shots are not overly saturated and many have a 70's look which I adore. I also love the dashes of light and the sun-flairs that she is able to incorporate into her photos. The way that she adds her kids into the pictures are just wonderful. She captures her kids in their natural setting as they enjoy the moment, which are my favorite way to take pictures of my family. I’m not a big fan of a portrait shots but what are they doing at that time and place. Erin does this masterfully.

I really love how Erin views the world, It’s like she is taking us to a magical place and we are privileged to see the beauty of her family and her surroundings. Erin is a wonderful person and takes the time to respond to peoples comments. Erin is what makes Instagram a nice community.

If you are in Instagram pop by and say hi! #jon_igfeature
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