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I think it is so refreshing the PM of Canada posts pics of kittens. It kind of washes away my cynicism of politicians
That cat better not use the couch in 24 Sussex Drive as a scratching post. Taxpayers can't afford to replace another couch. Still, it is a cute kitty.
No offense to Mr Harper and his kitty, but the picture of Pierre Trudeau sliding down a railing makes him the coolest PM EVER.
An appearance on murdoc mysteries and now kittens? I am not the least bit sorry helping create this majority government! 
i'm conflicted: love kittens... don't love the PM. what do?
More kittens, less politics =^_^=
@Sacha Sayan - Yeah except I'm not a Canadian... therefore I'm all about your PM's kitten :D
Yeah, OK... cute Canadian kitteh.
No amount of cute cat photos will make up for your horrible job as PM.
my kitty can beat the Canadian HoG's Kitty's ass!
way to sandwich that in between Korean War veterans' affairs and Norwegian news, S-Harp.
More endearing than smooching babies...
Mr Harper, dont you have a country to run ? :-)
Using kitten's to soften up Canadian's so they'll continue to allow his crazy ideas.
I suppose this is comparable to the White House RickRolling their entire country.
If I post something snarky here, will I get ejected from Conservative rallies?
Kitty asks "why do we have to build more prisons?"
Cute cat!

       ,-、             ,.-、
     ./:::::\          /::::::ヽ
    /::::::::::::;ゝ--──-- 、._/::::::::::::::|
    /,.-‐''"´          \:::::::::::|
  /                ヽ、::::|
 /                   ヽ|
 l                         l
. |    ●                 |
 l  , , ,           ●      l
 ` 、      (__人__丿    、、、   /
   `ー 、__               /
       /,          |
      (_/          |  |
        ,         ヽ、_)   ∩
       l           |\  ノ |    
 .       |    ヘ      |`ヽ二 ノ
 .        |   /  \    /
       `ー‐'    `ー‐'
Really cute! I once had a cat, who also loved playing with strings. He could do that for hours... Meow! ;)
I must commend you, sir! A prominent politician with pictures of kittens on Google + is a nice change from normal. Greetings from England, Great Britain.

Je dois vous féliciter, Monsieur! Un éminent politicien offrant des photos de chatons sur Google+ est un changement agréable de la normale. Salutations d'Angleterre, Grande-Bretagne.
Its a cute kitty.Thanks for sharing us photos.
That is one fine cat. Cats are loyal, appreciative and mysterious as well as playful. Thank you for sharing this kitty's photo ...
Loving the cat S. You should check min out!
I may not agree with your political views, but at least I see you're human, and not "that guy on TV". It's very refreshing. And freakin' cute :)
it is very cute. Too bad they always turn into cats.
So, you spend all your time at work, in your office with cats?
Now we know whose pulling the strings in the country.
I like cats and my pet cat Tommy agrees.
My cat Tommy says hello from Edmonton! Meow!
Mr Harper I've posted concern's about a number of thing's to do with the state of affair's of our country and I'm curious as to why you have not taken the five minutes it would take you to respond to me. I am a Canadian citizen and you are the voice of the people in this country. If you could find the time to respond to me since I am a tax payer, I don't believe I am asking to much for you to respond to me also I would to hear from you and not one of your spin doctor's, since you have a page on google+. I believe that since you are the voice of Canadians  you should maybe find the time to respond to the people you represent. Thank you. DJA
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