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Experimenting with Audacity.
This is the first time I've edited an MP3 track using Audacity, I've used effects, but this is the first attempt at slicing/dicing a track from various pieces. End result of the experiment was this ringtone for my mobile.
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+Erik Craddock Thanks, I'll give it a try.
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Vince Vaughn Hollywood Career Goes Belly-Up - Forced to pose for stock photography to keep Bel-Air Mansion from FORECLOSURE!

Oh sure... the folks at +Adweek are trying to put this off as some kind of joke but we all know that Vince's career has been on the rocks lately.

With this on your resume you can kiss your Oscar dreams goodbye Vince!
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Here is Me Wearing Frankie Says Be Prepared Shirt and i like that all the time and it was great.
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Sounds exciting, but I would wait before throwing all your eggs in this basket. Google could easily get bored again and shutter this long before your 2 year contract expires.
Google has confirmed for the first time that it plans to offer connectivity directly to mobile users in the U.S., but a senior executive downplayed the competition it would be to major U.S. cellular carriers.
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In all the companies their projects introduce and time limit and target .in the apps field there is nothing they sell APps &cell phones in the market new versions coming weakely 
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I'm sharing this on principle.
Could you do it? 
Ditching Your Smartphone Bill and Going Wi-Fi Only
Do you really need a phone company? First it was ‘cutting the cord’ to cable-TV providers—and now wireless carriers

It is almost impossible to imagine life without a cellphone. But imagining life without a cellphone bill is getting a lot easier.

For 30 days beginning in January, I disconnected my iPhone from AT&T Inc. and lived entirely off the free Wi-Fi connections that are available nearly everywhere.
Do you really need a phone company? First it was ‘cutting the cord’ to cable-TV providers—and now wireless carriers
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Geeks! Are You Too Quiet To Be A Leader?
 ~ the second half of +Zoe Goodacre's +Forbes series on introverts...
There are certain accepted truths in business. One such truth is that leaders are gregarious and outgoing. But what if you're a quieter character? So 'obviously' you lack what it takes to be a business leader? Really?
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AKA "Hire a cheap workforce we can easily exploit"
Claims that the H-1B program doesn't displace domestic IT workers is BS. Anyone that has worked an IT job in the US knows it. 
The H-1B visa turns 25 this year, and while it has seen many ups and downs, what hasn't changed is the fury IT workers feel after being displaced by people who hold H-1Bs. Two recent cases illustrate the problem.
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I can't wait until I get mine.
The product is still on track to ship during the second quarter
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What do you think about this +Richard Bliss?
An anonymous reader writes: In November, 2013, a Kickstarter project for a software-defined camera trigger scored £290,386 (~$450,000) in funding after asking for a mere £50,000. After almost a year of delays, they've now announced the project is dead. Their CEO has published a lengthy a...
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That's sad.
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Google+ SHAKEUP: Besbris subtracted, Horowitz added, confusion multiplied
~ Flip a coin: Photos or Streams?
In today's #ITBW  for +Computerworld, bloggers feel torn apart.
Is Google splitting up Google+? It appears so. There's also a new Google+ czar in town to right wrongs with Google's ailing social network. That is, as long as Google will let him.
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Rest in peace Leonard Nimoy.
We will miss you.
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Stakes rise in the 25-year-old H-1B battle | Computerworld

The visa program isn't supposed to 'adversely affect' U.S. workers, and yet it does, say IT pros who have had to train their replacements.

Jolla's Sailfish tablet shows promise thanks to upgraded OS

The product is still on track to ship during the second quarter

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RadioShack is gearing up to sell or shutter its stores, report says

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Outlook app for Android and iOS boosts Microsoft's mobile comeback

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Dozens of people endured temperatures in the low-20s overnight Friday to participate in two events to raise public awareness about the pligh

Jolla Tablet - world's first crowdsourced tablet

Be a part of making the world’s first people powered tablet, running Sailfish OS 2.0.

EFF, Mozilla back new certificate authority that will offer free SSL cer...

The new CA is called Let's Encrypt and its goal is to encourage the widespread adoption of SSL/TLS on the Internet

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Reports of its demise are premature -- but users and developers want Google to put up or shut up

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