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Stephen Fuller

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"Once London's ministers get a grip on reality, the talking can begin. It won't be a moment too soon" – Ian Bell in the Herald
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Stephen Fuller

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Stephen Fuller

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Stephen Fuller

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Why didn't anyone tell me Pocket Casts has cross device syncing? I've been waiting for Beyond Pod to implement that feature for like forever. I've switched pod catchers now.
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Stephen Fuller

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More Heartbleed fixes, this time in the form of a Chrome extension:
Chrome: The Heartbleed bug is among the major security vulnerabilities we have seen in recent times. It's one of those cases where precaution is the order of the day. You could manually check sites or use Chromebleed, an extension that tells you if the site you're on was affected by the bug.
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That's actually something useful.
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Stephen Fuller

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I've nicked this from FB. The accompanying text reads:

Can you believe this ? It is fact. and yet we Scots are using food banks daily..have a huge homeless population... have extreme poverty and deprivation.. We should be a rich and flourishing nation.. The Tories have robbed us blind while they themselves live lavish lifestyles at our expense..
The ONLY way to end this detrimental downward spiral is to vote for your country to be Independent.. Don't be fooled folks.. There's more austerity and degradation to come if we dare to remain in this unjust, unequal and rancid union..
Trust in your country, trust in your fellow Scots and free her from the shackles of Westminster... We can't afford not to.. Vote YES

original link:
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Thing is media are spinning this two ways: 1. Scotlands being robed blind, richer alone bla de bla bla. We have the power!
2. Scotland are ignorant wankers who just want more money to fuel their pubs/stay in benifits (yes apparently its part of this ridiculous campaign slapfight).

I was NOT going to vote yes before but now after all the media portaying all this i realised my vote wont matter so will blind pick on the day. There is no way we are getting the truth out of either side anywhere and facebook is the worst place to look! Its gotten to the point that everyone I know is either pissed off with Scotland and vice versa for England. And tbh either way theres going to be a good few riots from the way things are going. Forget about the god damn money and consider the after effects of your choices that will actually affect our daily lives.
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Stephen Fuller

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Trying out the new Lens Blur feature in the updated Google Camera.
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I've just found that if you go into the settings and change the blur quality to high it increases the image to 3mp
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Stephen Fuller

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Some nice new features in this update. The best one has to be that if you select video mode while holding it in portrait it tells you to turn your phone to landscape. Every camera app needs to have that!
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Stephen Fuller

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Tour Scotland photograph of a car that says " Yes " on visit to car park of my local pub in Scone by Perth, Perthshire
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Java, Android, HTML, Java Script, PHP, Linux Administration.
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Nairn Scotland
Software Developer, Linux enthusiast and server administrator, Father of Two.
I live in the North of Scotland, Currently working on Toddlenomics
I've not long set up my own local business Fuller Computing in Nairn.

My interests are listed below, this might help you decide if you want to circle me and what circle to put me in, but do also have a look at my posts as I do post a variety of stuff.

I'm currently working on creating a Scottish Circle to bring together Scottish people and pages here on Google+ 
Any help and contribution to this will be most appreciated.

Also checkout and circle the Scottish Circles Page and join the Scottish Community.

My interests include.........
  • Google
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Java
  • Gadgets
  • Software in general
  • Ingress
  • Photography
  • Vegetarianism

  • UHI Millennium Institute
    BSc Computing, Software Development, 2006 - 2011
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