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Presented to EdgeX2012, Delhi, India, March 12, 2012. My name is Stephen Downes, I'm from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. New Brunswick is a small province on the eastern side of Canada, near the ...
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Thanks for share, this point is thought provoking :
"education creates ways of seeing, ways of doing, ways of becoming that are not possible otherwise. And these are the things that make a life worth living and make a person willing to work more diligently and more forcefully toward having that life."
Hi there Stephen. I attended one of your conferecnces in Bogota Colombia about Virtual Learning Objects. It was great! My university: in Ibague Tolima Colombia is interested in inviting you for a conference in December, so I am in charge of contact you. Please let us know if you´d be interested and how much would you charge, so we can start doing the arrangements
Hiya Carlos,

I do not charge speaking fees. I require only compensation for expenses related to the trip, specifically:
- airfare from Moncton, NB, Canada
- hotel for the duration of the conference
- other travel expenses, including taxi and meals

It would of course be a pleasure to be able to visit Colombia again.

-- Stephen
OK Stephen, that's great! The conference is in December 2012, and of course we'll cover all your expenses: tickets, hotel, staying, taxis and everything.
I´ll tell my boss, so in a short time we'll be sending you an official invitation undersigned by the director of our university.
University of Ibague hast just started including technologies as support to face to face education. We're sure your visit will be not only a great honor but it will definitely help us move ahead in all of our projects including technology.
I'll keep in touch.
Thanks again!
Hi there Stephen! The director of our university thinks it's great to have you in our conference. It is official now. This is the schedule: You are supposed to arrive in Ibague on the 5th of December. The conference will be on the 6th. There will be a few meetings with teachers on the 7th and on the eight we'll go to Mariquita Tolima, a historical village, to visit the botanic museum Mutis and to have a picknic. On the 9th you'll fly to Bogotá and stay in a hotel there until your flight back to Canadá.
People at university of Ibagué will start the proceedure to get the tickets and to do all the booking and arrangements.
Hiya Carlos, Thank you for the information. A couple of things:
- when I plan conferences, I always schedule my arrival a full 24 hours earlier - this is to take into account flight delays, and to allow me time to acclimatize. I usually pay for the extra day of hotel costs myself.
- similarly, after the conference, I always allow a few days to enjoy the country I am visiting. Again, I pay all expenses related to this myself, as it is a short vacation.
At any rate, please ensure people at the university are in contact with me directly before any bookings are finalized.
All of that said, I am please to confirm my attendance for the conference for the dates 5-6-7 December. :)
Hello Stephen.
I already got the letter from the director of the University inviting you to participate in our congress as a presenter. We need your email or your address to be able to send you the oficial invitation letter and to do all the necessary arrangements.
My email address is and send a back-up to

Hi there Stephen.
My boss at University of Ibagué wants to know if you got the letter of invitation we sent you to the address you told us. Will you please acknowledge?
Yes, I received it. I sent an email back..,.
Thanks Stephen. We just wanted to make sure to start doing the necessary arrangements. We need to know the dates you need the plane tickets.
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