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Google+ has now allowed companies, organizations, and the like to create pages and the deluge of advertising has started:

- People have started sharing Google+ pages with me - no context, just a hit-and-run advertisement, like this:

- +Robert Scoble was first off the mark with a product placement in his post ( )

- We're also being hit with branded hangouts, like this one from +The Muppets

- The comments are being hit with links to brand pages (also on the Muppets page, probably more soon)

- I got the following in my email: Follow my fashion website page View or comment on Mana Ionescu's post

- Scammers have already started creating fake product pages.

Please make it stop!

Is there any way to get through this without being smothered in advertising?

More info here:
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wasn't it inevitable? Pandora's Box is now open ... not sure it can (or will) be closed.
I had so hoped there would be a way to opt out - it took about an hour, but my stream is not just one page announcement after another, without end - I wish there were a privacy option that let me limit my stream to messages and shares from humans only, not pages
<sigh> I know ... and we're not even at the Google Ads stage yet either.
I agree - the right way to do this would be to allow an opt out.

I do believe users have no right to expect a free service.

How about this? Invest in Diaspora and commit some time to a less visible option.
Exactly. :)

In the meantime - make a page.
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