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Great time of the year to be in Rome. Great pics...thanks for sharing.
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Seriously, Chrome, go home, you are drunk.
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Stephen Daniels

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Holy fuck. It took me a couple tries to place mas fajitas. Damn.
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Take ~30 minutes and watch this: 
The controversial Patriot Act's Section 215 expires this June, and John Oliver would like you to know it. The HBO comedian took a deep dive into government surveillance programs on his show this...
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Stephen Daniels

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Hey, +Rob Gould, do you read Der Spiegel?  I read this translation and critique by +Jeff Jarvis and, knowing your utilization of Google and general technical acumen, I was curious of your take.
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Thanks for the forward, +Stephen Daniels​. I don't often read Spiegel... As I prefer Stern... But I'll give it a browse. As most Germans are very protective of their personal sphere, yet love technology, it may be interesting.

Ps: Spiegel articles are some of the longest and hardest to read... Even for educated Germans (like my wife) 
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Stephen Daniels

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Just another day at ERCOT.
Wind provided 40 percent of Texas’s electricity for 17 straight hours one windy day in December
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Stephen Daniels

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It is a rarity that +Google let's me down but you really underachieve on direct customer service for the Google Store.

I made a mistake on a device order and your shipping was quick enough that I was unable to cancel the order. You were helpful the first time I called and let me know I should just refuse delivery on the package and it would be sent back to you and a refund would processed within 14 days. So I did.

The phone arrived back with you on November 3rd. I called a couple of days later to make sure it had been received and you confirmed it had I should receive a refund in no more than 14 days.

So, about 14 days after you received the phone (and with no refund) I called again and was assured it would be there very soon. Then I called today and was told, "No, no one has clicked on the 'Process Refund' button. I just did that for you so you should receive your refund in no more than 14 days."

I asked if there was any way to expedite since you had the phone back 21 days and it still required a call from me to initiate the refund. No, I was told, process is process and it will take as long as the banks take. Understandable, but not OK. In an attempt to make me feel better, the rep on the phone looked at the history, saw that I had called a couple of times, and provided feedback to the previous reps who had not clicked the refund button. That's it.

Next was the obligatory, "Is there anything else I can do for you today?" -- "Umm, you could get my money to me sooner."

Crickets, of course. I know process is process. I use that excuse all the time. That doesn't make the situation any better. If you are bound by process you should look for other ways to ensure your customer is satisfied. Unfortunately, I think you have hit the point where your response is, "We are Google. Many of the technology comforts in your life revolve around us. It's not like you have somewhere else to go for all this, right?"

The truth is, Yes, there are other places I could go for all this. For instance, I could:
- Stop using #ProjectFi and move back to Verizon (I know, gross, but it cost me about the same and Verizon's coverage is better.)
- Get an iPhone. I have been an +Android user since the original Motorola Droid and Apple is probably a worse choice for me in almost every way, but it's an option.
- Migrate the 1000s of documents I have on +Google Drive to OneDrive
- Move the 10000s of photos to...OK, I might consider leaving some of these services but probably not +Google Photos.

You get the point. My online existence revolves around Google products, both free and paid. I am not accustomed to being disappointed by you (I have mostly gotten over the deaths of Wave and Reader) but this sucks. Do better.
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PS - I ordered something from last week. It was three days late getting here. I called after two days and they said if it wasn't there that day to call back and I would get a refund. So I call back today and they say they will process the refund. THIRTY MINUTES LATER the money is back in my account. Not 14 days. Not 3-5 days. 30 minutes.
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Stephen Daniels

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Yes, I saw this earlier. This should take their already awesome Security Suite to the next level.
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Stephen Daniels

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Stephen Daniels

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Pizza, candy, and a nice walk around downtown Round Rock. Is Main Street growing up?
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Stephen Daniels

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Government is broken. Republicans, Democrats, Congress, Executive. Broken. Corporations wrote #TPP & the public can't read it. Awesome.
The administration argues that it hasn't made the deal public to protect the status of the sensitive, ongoing negotiations.
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Stephen Daniels

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Sad to see GigaOm go but +Mathew Ingram and the other writers should land on their feet.  Loved what they did there.
Last week, the place I’ve called my online home for over five years — a site that has been one of the leading tech blogs ever since my friend Om Malik started it in the Starbucks at the corner of Clay and Battery in San Francisco in 2006 — suddenly shut down. Gigaom was always more than just a job for me, and its ending has hit me like the sudden death of a close friend. Like many of my former colleagues, I am still trying to process all of the f...
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Paul C
Big loss of competition in top tier analysis. They published a superb IaaS analysis. Great template for vendor scoring against compute, storage and network capabilities.
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Working with smart people to build great tools. Software is grand.
Trying very hard to learn everyday.  Seeking opportunities to engage, listen, and work with others to make things a little better everyday.
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Great ingredients and toppings. Beautiful building with great patio.
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Great rooms and service. Location is excellent.
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16 reviews
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This is my favorite Chinese BBQ in Austin. Good stuff on the menu and some great stuff off of it, as well. When I worked near North Lamar we made it in for lunch once a week.
Food: Very GoodDecor: GoodService: Very Good
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reviewed 3 years ago