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So much toob to watch all of a sudden!

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Orphan Black cast and Graeme Manson drop hints and insight for Season 3.
What I Did On My Vacation
(2015, Stephen Calhoun, 24x24")

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The April Fool's Prayer (2015, S.Calhoun)
workshop series 22x16"

feel free to share on this day for generous tricks and games!

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Chalk this up to resourcefulness rather than our local grocery's sense of ironic juxtaposition.

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Have him in circles
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(Sassy & Sonny, Saturday siesta in the studio.)

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Sassy in a window here in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

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Stephen Calhoun

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Kizzie photo bomb. #cats  #caturday

My musical alter Kamelmauz hasn't been spending much time recently in the nogutsnoglory studios. However, just the other day, the following was rendered using the excellent Enzyme synthesizer from Humanoid Soundsystems, and the Xynthesizer  MIDI controller for iPad.

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The entire crew.

Stephen Calhoun

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March 16, Tate Modern
Join Anthony Downey, author of Art and Politics Now, and artist Renzo Martens for a conversation addressing the implications and significance of these developments, inviting us to rethink what we mean by the term ‘political’.
interdisciplinary independent researcher, fine artist, sonic & visual explorer, experiential and adult learning
Designer/Facilitator of Adult Experiential Learning; Researcher focused on Serendipity in Adult Development
  • squareONE experiential toolmakers
    lead designer, 1996 - present
    Designer, Facilitator, Researcher on experiential learning
  • Noguts Noglory Studios
    Artist/Producer, 1995 - 2014
    Sonic explorer; sound designer, composer, improvisor; focused on ambient and soundscape using synthesizers, steel guitars, field recordings, stuff around the house Visual Artist; entirely computer-based; focused on generative and procedural visual experiments
  • Catalyst Consulting Group
    manager, client services, 2003 - 2013
  • Lakewood Ohio Public Library
    assistant manager, technology, 2005 - 2006
    held anthropology portfolio as part of the Lakewood Visionary Alignment; designed and facilitated programs, experiential learning in the library, and, in imaginal musicology
  • AUM Markeing
    principal, 1988 - 1995
    Marketing and Strategic Development focused on artist development in the music business; associations with Ekapa/RPM (1988-1990 NYC) and Wayward Works (1992-1996 LA)
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Art and Politics Now | Tate

Join Anthony Downey, author of Art and Politics Now, and artist Renzo Martens for a conversation addressing the implications and significanc

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