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Stephen Brooke
Artiste of all Trades
Artiste of all Trades

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Of Fiction and Politics
I’ve little doubt that many of my
friends and acquaintances think I’m some sort of moderate liberal.
If they read my books they might change their minds about that — I
don’t talk much about politics in ‘real life,’ preferring to
put that sort of thing into ...

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Arrows Blurb
A rough blurb for the upcoming fantasy
novel, ‘Arrows of Heaven’ (which now will probably appear before
the mainstream ‘Asanas’) : The end of every epic is the
beginning of another. Who was Teme? A noble girl, sister to
the High King of all the Mora, and of...

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The universe is
vast, incredibly vast, beyond any human understanding vast, yet
finite. But consider that there may be an infinite number of
universes. That is larger — infinitely larger! Do they exist?
Maybe, in that magical quantum sense, they both do and...

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Donzalo Freebie
Our current freebie is a little ebook of the poems from Stephen Brooke's
fantasy epic, DONZALO'S DESTINY. Both epub and mobi files are in the
folder; download either freely HERE . And, of course, consider purchasing the novel!

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Donzalo Poems
As a freebie that has absolutely nothing to do with anything I am
currently writing, here are (most of) the poems that I wrote for the
epic fantasy DONZALO'S DESTINY, in ebook form. Both epub and mobi are in
the folder, take your pick. Incidentally, some...

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Two Books
Although I
intended to complete my ‘mainstream’ novel, ASANAS, I find myself
simultaneously working on another fantasy adventure, to be titled
ARROWS OF HEAVEN. That would be my second Mora novel, following GOD
OF RAIN but with a different central character...

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I have been reading through a print
copy of an older historical novel, ‘Arundel’ by Kenneth Roberts,
first published in 1930 but my edition printed in the mid-Fifties. It
is a decent tale of the Revolutionary War period but that is not what
I wish to write ...

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A few  days back I posted some dummy covers I had created and rejected for the upcoming mainstream novel, ASANAS. The decision was to go with something more conventional (and maybe a tad boring?). Here's the likely way we'll be going: It will be a while yet...

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Today marks the official release of Stephen Brooke's new fantasy adventure, THE CROCODILE'S SON, in print and ebook formats. Available pretty much everywhere but the best deals are at our own store at our distributor's site:

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Naught, a poem
Naught We are the glass that one day shatters, the flame that burns to ash and
scatters, with no regret, for nothing matters. The little mouse’s midnight patters that, drowsy, we a moment hark will fade forgotten in the dark. All leave naught behind to mark...
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