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Although there
has been a mention or two in my fantasy books, and although they have
always been a part of the world-building, my latest novel, THE WAYS
OF WIZARDRY (to be released January 6), is the first in which dwarfs
have actually appeared. There have...

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Ways On Its Way
I’ve another good more-or-less
finished draft of a novel ready, a somewhat typical ‘light’
fantasy to be titled THE WAYS OF WIZARDRY. This is the book I had no
intention of writing, that I had had not added to my queue nor even
never thought of. But it came...

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Hurricane Waves
The biggest waves I have ever ridden
were hurricane surf in my hometown of Naples Florida. Yes, on the
Gulf Coast. When was this? Honestly, I am not quite
sure. In the Eighties sometime and I think it was the swell
from Hurricane Gilbert in ’88. That is bec...

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To Go, a poem
To Go If it’s time that I must go, at age an hundred and ten or so, I would choose to slip away, surfing on a sunny day. Waves double-overhead, of course — thrown at last, by that wild horse, driven into the patient reef, neck broken in a moment brief. Yes,...

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Cover Story
My own background in art and design may
actually hurt me when it comes to creating book covers. I’m not
inclined to be satisfied with the all-the-same approach that is so
often seen and even advocated for genre fiction. The argument is made
that YOUR cover ...

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New-ish Site
Our new-and-improved website is up. At of course, as before. This should work for a while! More to come, as it comes, and someday maybe 'responsive.' For now, a separate site for mobile, which works well enough. All the current offer...

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I’ve been chugging along on the next
novel, another ‘light’ fantasy (not the mainstream I thought I
would work on), almost certainly to be titled THE WAYS OF WIZARDRY.
It is quite likely we could get it out before the end of the year but
there is probably n...

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The Pimp, a short story
Not at all my normal sort of thing, this sort of popped out of me this afternoon. Certainly liable to further editing, down the line. The Pimp Stephen Brooke ©2017 I never intended to be a pimp. It was
my sister who wondered Who will protect me and How else...

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Cozy Mysteries
The ‘cozy mystery’ might be
considered a sub-genre within the broad crime/mystery category of
fiction. It is typically low on graphic violence and sex, the main
protagonist is usually an amateur detective of some sort — often
with some odd interest that pla...

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A Quest! A Quest! (a poem)
A Quest! A Quest! Name me a task, set me on the way to my Holy Grail— Through the night-dark forest to
journey, across the broad sea to sail, and over the sky-kissed mountains to
pass, where the lost winds wail. Name me a quest, set me a task— one you know ...
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