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Stephen Bowline
Riding beyond the sunset and the baths of all western stars.
Riding beyond the sunset and the baths of all western stars.

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Really looking forward to this.

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My 9 yo nephew built a website and registered a domain all on his own.  He'd like everyone to learn about bunnies and see for themselves how adorable they are.

#bunny   #cuteanimals   #cutenessoverload  

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Give someone a gift of life and love by fostering an orphaned elephant in their name.

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Rumour has it that Colette Mullenhoff is only the second woman to win a Sci-Tech award.  Of course, the number should have trebled Saturday night with +Rachel Petterson and Colette should have two!

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Xcode 6.1 Ad Hoc Provisioning...

For those of you who are interested, I was finally able to solve the mystery of the failed ad hoc distribution of my iOS app.  Sadly, this rocky road is strewn with so many pitfalls that no one was really able to come up The Answer; however, the answer to the most important question, "How do you debug this?" is a little better than the dart throwing exercise it seemed to be.

In Xcode 6, open the Devices window (Shift-Command-2) and plug in your iOS device.  At the bottom of the window is a Console drawer tab.  You can view NSLog entries and the errors and warnings during the installation attempt.  Now, interpreting those entries is another matter entirely...

As for the actual cause of the ad hoc failure, well, it was all about entitlements.  Troubleshooting guides at Apple detail at a somewhat gross level what should match (see the photo) but when you create your AppID you'll notice that you cannot remove the GameCenter and In-App Purchases services.  Should these be turned on in your Xcode app?  And if so, why don't they appear in your entitlements?

I noticed that the entitlements listed in the Archive just before ad hoc export did not list these, and so I became suspicious of what was necessary and what wasn't.  It took me several hours across several weekends, but YES!  This is the issue.  The entitlements listed here must be present when Xcode signs your code.  AFAIK, it is only these entitlements that you must match (signing and provisioning).

Don't be fooled by trying to use the Plist editor to add these to an entitlements file in your target.  Because the keys listed here were not listed as choices in the Plist editor I lost an entire day exploring this avenue.  In desperation I just cut and pasted the dictionary entry from a failed embedded.mobileprovisioning file I extracted from the app bundle.  These entitlements were keychain-access-groups, get-task-allow, application-identifier, and  Also, when you copy in your entitlements file to the build, don't forget to check the "Target" checkbox so it's part of the build solution.

I've now spent a total of 3 times as many hours chasing down this issue as I did coding the entire app.  Needless and sad.

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This should leave a smile on your face a little less lethal than Beauregard's final grin -- may he be swingin' by his gracefully tail for all eternity.

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This is Zoran's new adventure.  Pass it on or drop him a line.
Bespoke is hiring. We are an early stage San Francisco startup developing technology that will let people try on clothing online.

We need team oriented people skilled in C/C++ and Python development, and with expertise in any of the following areas: computer vision (point clouds, 3D surface reconstruction), numerical simulation, 3D modeling, character animation/rigging, pipeline development, scalable cloud computing and cloud management, build and release management, front/back end web development, game console app development, e-commerce.

Sounds exciting? Drop us a line at

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My neighborhood association is sponsoring an effort to have a bathroom installed at the "boatpark" playground at 45th Ave & Lincoln Blvd. in the Outer Sunset.  We've been meeting with Katy Tang (SF District 4 Supervisor) for several months and are in the process of competing for SF Community Action Funds.  If you think it's a bad idea for your kids to play in the midst of human waste around the bushes and hedges lining the playground, then take a few moments to sign this online petition.

BTW, I wasn't kidding about the poop.  It's true!  Children use the bushes for emergencies all the time.  Gross.

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A good friend of mine is selling his NSR250.  I think it's jealous of his RC30.  California plated and titled.  Rare.  Not cheap.

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If you'd like to help the Mount Diablo territories this is the place to do it.  SMD is the caretaker and guardian of many of the lands surrounding Mount Diablo and sponsors the annual Mt. Diablo Challenge, the most important race on my calendar.
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