Why would I want to join another social network?
Yes, another G+ post. Sorry.
Facebook is changing, everyone's going crazy with complaints, and so I broke my "no more evangelizing for G+" rule and suggested people come over here for awhile. In response, a friend asked if I really like this site, so I guess I've been doing a pretty good job of not talking it up lately! :D

Obviously, I do. I really, really do. But I'm not doing the whole "diet" thing anymore where I will only use Google+. When I first started here, I was so excited about having everything in one place, being able to condense everything to one site and talk to everyone while still maintaining privacy. But then no one else came! And eventually I realized that I don't really want everyone to completely switch to Google+. Having these other sites makes for great quality control.

Not everyone wants to read blog posts on G+. They don't like that it's so much harder to track posts and that they can't follow someone in reader. For writers it limits the audience, and for readers it's not always worth the effort to follow someone. And with so many blogging sites tailored to certain types of content and equipped with lots of extras to give you pretty much anything you want, it'd really be a shame to focus only on G+ and miss out on all that.

On Facebook, I pretty much accept anyone I know who adds me first. I don't really value my friends list there, I don't bother to read my friend feed most of the time, and I don't post anything I consider private. On blogs and forums, I can easily meet more people with similar interests and have topical conversations, not limiting things to people I know.

I've come to think of G+ as a sharing site rather than a friend/social site, so I don't add people I don't want to read. When people circle me, even if they're friends, I don't feel pressured to circle them back. It's nothing personal, it's just that our sharing interests don't seem to overlap for whatever reason. Maybe I'm not that interested in the content they share and would rather just not have it in my feed. Maybe I don't share anything in my circles (as opposed to public stuff) that I think would be of interest to them. After I got over my initial delusions that everyone would come over here and I could do all my socializing here, I started to see that that really wouldn't even be a good idea.

This isn't Facebook where the statuses are Twitter-style nonsense that no one cares to read, I actually want to see everything in my stream. Cluttering it doesn't make sense. And as for personal social communication with friends I don't normally share with, that doesn't have to happen here either. It's much easier to send an email or a Facebook message, and then I don't have to worry that they won't notice it in their own stream.

So, if anyone actually takes my advice and comes over here, welcome! Enjoy. But go slow and don't totally jump ship from other sites, and don't try to treat this like Facebook 2.0. It's different, and it will work best if you can separate the two.
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