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Ok parents, teachers, mentors and other people that want to talk about raising kids in this crazy place we call the internet:

I'd like to schedule a recorded Hangout on Air for this weekend. You can jump in and participate, watch and/or comment (I'll bring up comments during session).

So, the rules for being IN the Hangout goes like this: NO MINORS CAN BE ON CAMERA

This means I'm aiming for Saturday evening after my kiddies are in bed.

Who wants to participate? What do you want to talk about?

What are you most worried about?
What's worked for your family?
How do you use technology to help you parent?
How does digital living affect your family lifestyle (both good and bad)?
What are the most important things that you feel your children need to learn?
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I want to be in! What time? 9:00 sound good?
I'm thinking 10pm Eastern. My kids aren't fully settled at 9.
Sounds good to me. I look forward to it.
That might work. I have a Gig that night but doesn't start til 9pm Pacific.
talk about if they install those spyware programs to monitor everything their kids do online. including chat conversations.

and also any software to block out any unwanted websites.
Sounds interesting. Might have to hop in but I always say that
or what would they do if they found their kid doing some unacceptable things online.
That was a joke by the way
I think we could talk about all the questions you posted.
+Stephanie Van Pelt I am sure there will be more questions raised as the conversation progresses. I can think of a few right now. But having a good baseline is great to start with.
Count me in +Stephanie Van Pelt. In addition to the wonderful list of questions, can we also discuss how to balance "tech-time" and "personal-time", and how to be selective with technology.
What I mean by the first question is in the example of playing with children. My little sister and I often play video games, or watcha television show together, but due to time constraints we don't often sit together and play, say, a board game, or read a book. Where is there an end to using technology and actually making a connection with the child?
And the second question is centered around the pre-teen age, or very mature children like my sister. She sees everyone on facebook and wants one too. We tell her not until she's older and she accepts that. But when she is older, what if there's something new? Or 20 type of facebook sites? How does she select which is right for her, and how does she remember that social connections in the real world matter more than social connections in the cyber world?
+Danielle Rojas those are some good questions, and I am sure we can answer them all. As long as we get a few people to join in.
This may sound like a dumb question, but:

Are you interested in participation from someone who is not a parent, but who spends a lot of time taking care of his dear friend's kids, and cares deeply about them?

(I won't be offended if I'm not invited; just seeking clarification.)
+Mike Spinak as long as your not a minor. That's the only stipulation. As far as I understand anyway.
+Mike Spinak, I'm not a parent. But I do care about the well-being of the youth that is growing up in a social media world, where life without Internet access seems almost impossible. As +Josh Dros stated, as long as your not a minor and you come ready to discuss these concerns or voice your own, there's no reason why you shouldn't be welcomed.
ok, that works out to be 2AM Sunday for me, so i think i will forgo that one :)
oh wait, pm? that makes it 2pm for me sunday! i may be able to do it after all :D
I'd be happy to talk about children and technology
Ooohhh its going to be good!
Would love to join in but we'll be on the road for Disney World!
i won't be able to make this one +Stephanie Van Pelt; i'm putting on a concert on monday and have to entertain and host my featured guest artist over the weekend. Next time, though. :)
I am an early bird but good grief, that will be 4 am for me! Perhaps if everyone is ok with jammies and wild hair... ;-))
Love to be involved, and Saturday 10PM works great for my schedule.
Would really like to participate but I will be traveling Saturday night. Next time for sure!
+David Crosby I don't sleep much. I truly don't. That and my son has a friend over. Can't sleep while the enemy is awake.
I have to babysit tonight. Kind of emergency. Hopefully I can still make the hangout.
Hi +Stephanie Van Pelt - sorry I missed the hangout. I was in the boondocks of Thailand on vacation. There was no cell signals or internet. It was weird, but good!
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