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#TakeiTuesday  is over, but...

Look at this!!!!!

Here he is! Circle up this man and show him amazing love!
Arthur Gillard's profile photoG+ Ghost Town's profile photoMatt Griffin's profile photoshadi ghata's profile photo
He won't get over 250k without being on the SUL.
+Russell Holly I'm sure all you lovely people will help direct him to me and I'll use my Hangout Siren charms to show him the awesomeness of Hangouts!
+Stephanie Van Pelt i request an invite to your celebrity hangout :P
I really don't think he's gonna get 250k but hell if it's not worth a shot.
WooHoo!! I have more followers then +George Takei (At least for a few more minutes lol)
I will be so ticked off if it's a fake profile.
Ok. I'm going on your word +Stephanie Van Pelt . I would be more confident if he had the link to Facebook and Twitter accounts in his G+ profile. I also contacted a Google staff member that added him, see if they can fast track a verified mark.
Woah! So we CAN make a difference! And - he listened to his fans. Gorgeous!
You can check FB yourselves if you don't believe it - the post is true!
As exciting as all of this is, where the hell are the +Google+  team members? Personally I think it is awesome that +Stephanie Van Pelt was able to marshal all of this up on her own, but now that the account is created shouldn't the G+ team get involved?

+Natalie Villalobos and +Louis Gray I know you guys are all insanely busy getting things ready for Google IO, but a reshare or a quick note to let the rest of G+ know this is happening would go a long way!
Good point +Russell Holly , google should really step up here and make this as public as they can, It's George freakin' Takei for gods sake :)
How the hell did I not know The Shat was on here. I demand an explanation of this heinous lack of information!
I say fook it, lets try get the rest of the original star trek cast on here too ( well the living ones anyway, dead ppl freak me out ).
Lil Peck
+George Takei should build his circles the old fashioned way just as the rest of us have had to do, by posting content that people want to read. I like him, but damn!
+Lil Peck George posts funny pictures on Facebook all the time and his tweets are hilarious. I hope he follows suit here.
Live long and prosper V
circled him already c'mn plussers circle him quick.
The G+ profile is not verified by Google and I am not going to circle a person that may be an impostor and has a Tagline in his profile such as:
Tagline: Growing up in California, it was illegal for Asians to marry whites. How times have changed. I married a white DUDE. And an adorable one, too!
Seems a bit tacky.
If you read his FB post, that profile is directly linked.  It's just copy-pasted from his FB info anyway.
I follow him on FB and interest ... it's the real deal!

54 per minute @ 1341
70 per minute @ 1344
74 per minute @ 1347

250000-6723 = 243277

@74 per minute = 3287.5 minutes = 54.8 hours

Although, it should be noted the adds per minute is increasing so the time to target will continue to drop....
He will HAVE to give up on one of the platforms to get to G+, but once he is here he will give up on the rest as well.
+Scot Duke Twitter is the obvious choice to give up first. He can post 140 chars from Google+ :)
+Alex Garcia I hope he does come over here and builds his community organically like the rest of us.  He would get my respect for that.  I am sure he will dump the rest once he gets here.
Yay! But Hmm. Yes please can Mr Takei please get that account verified and change the location from south east of Wichita KS? Then I and +Neil deGrasse Tyson Fan Club will fully support a mass circling.  
Sweet! I just saw his post on FB and cake straight over here to hook him up. Lo and behold this thread was near the top of my stream...SCORE! Thanks for posting M'Lady.
Bee Jae
I am only begining to use google+ and already love it. I hope he makes it over. I am doing my part. Circle, circle, circle.
There's that freakin "Ghost Town" term again ..... arghhhh
Plenty of mentions of "ghost towns" and nobody being on G+ in the comments thread of his FB post. Clearly more people who haven't taken the time to see how G+ actually works, and who don't realise that large amounts of action takes place in non public circles. D'oh.
+Alex Garcia I don't think him taunting the need to have 250k Plussers Circle him before he comes over here is showing the community very much respect.  The Ghost Town reference is a huge turn off to whatever he does really doesn't matter to me.  I doubt seriously I will be one of the 250k who circle him.
+Don Denesiuk It may not be Google verified but since he linked it from FB it's good enough for me. Sometimes Google verification can take a while.

+Katherine Gramann Can you forward to the right team?
How many have circled him so far?
to be honest, i thought this was a ghost town,  I've been seeing these strange stuff all over me...
It's almost... wait for it.... OVER 9000.
we are not facebookers. if he does not post anything, I am not going to add him even if he personally beg me. :)
+Scot Duke I think part of the challenge is that this profile is an official "publicity" profile, rather than a personal one (which I happen to think would be more interesting). Because of that, the publicity team who will be helping with the content while the man himself is off doing his job want to make sure it's worth their while. I suspect it is probably the publicity team who created this message too.
Facebook insists I log in to continue. I'll wait, I can be a pretty patient guy.
Yes - some of those comments sound familiar. There is one +David Kippenhan who states:  Ive been on Google+ since the beginning. no one i know is there and i find it very lacking.

But you have only 9 people circled! It is NOT about circling just people you KNOW. Find new people with similar interests.
The recommended users list should be a full circle recommended to all new users.

I'm submitting that in feedback right now.
We need you on google + George Takei.
I'm imagining him typing his first "Oh My!" and Boom! +389
همه شما رو دوست دارم فعلا کاری ندارید برم بای
worth having - i wont have to check facebook ever again
+ben ellis He is also openly gay. ;-) [No offense intended to any strongly hetero males who love pinterest.]
شاعر میگه زندگی زیباست ای زیبا پسند زیبا رویان می اندیشن
As soon as he posts his first comment we should all BLOCK him!   ducks for cover
#TakeiTuesday  is trending again, maybe he will be here by Tuesday?
Did my part. C'mon G+ers!
If he comes over and I can tempt him in to a hangout, my dad will be so proud. 
If George Takei joins G+, I will have no need of Facebook any longer
Anyone on G+ that has him on FB should drop him on FB and add him here. That'll show +George Takei we mean business.
"Here his is" .....what the fuck is that? Wrong pronoun!

Down to 60 per minute @ 1445 - come on G+, you can do better than that...
Doesn't quite have the same ring but we could start a bit early and get #TakeiThursday trending for tomorrow.
+Tom McGill No worries, I shared a screenshot of his FB last week and nosed around to see if anyone was interested. Then yesterday  morning started posting. It's amazing to see something like this happen.
I've put out some posts to links where #TakeiTuesday has made Mashable and Yahoo! News today
+George Takei I'm sure we can find some software or plugin that will allow you to make your posts only once or twice and populate all your sites!
he's trying to get 250k followers without any posts at all?
Facebook is dying...  get out now, while you can.  Before the free market sets the auto-destruct on the dilithium core.
He'll need to start a Menshn account as well if Mensch's idea takes off.
Hurry sheep, hurry!  Put some person in your circle because somebody told you to! 
who else can we bully into joining G+?
You don't put George Takei in your circles because "somebody told you to", you do it because George Takei is frickin' hilarious.
its Hikaru Sulu of star trek! how can you not want to circle him! 

Done and shared! 
Well despite some peoples comments, Grats on making the Whats Hot on Google Plus.   
+Alex Shaw , I don't see it as bullying, there are just some people who it would be great to have on G+.   If +George Takei 's updates consisted solely of stuff like "I just bought some broccoli, LOL" then no-one here would be interested.
+Jeffrey McDaniel Thank you! I'm humbled by how amazing the response has been here on G+. A year ago I didn't Twitter, had 100 FB friends and had no idea how to use a hashtag. This week I created #TakeiTuesday  and it just blew right up! I only hope +George Takei invites me in on his first Hangout. 
+Jason Baliban I can appreciate, as a celeb, that he's managing 2 million fans on FB and has to decide how to budget his time. I understand your point, but he's a funny guy and I like that he commits to his following. 
I don't know who he is, but I'm trusting you guys. He had better post something funny. 
It's the Google Tractor Beam (George): we're being pulled.  Slowly.
Help the world is spinning way to fast stoop and let me off! (¿?)
so, if he got circled by 249,999 people, then G+ would be a ghost town? Fuck that, Not a good enough reason to circle this guy...
As if that would be an issue for  George Takei. Really!?
george was awesome on "I'm a celebrity get me out of here". a truely good person.
already circled. He's epic.
Kevvy C
"Na-Nu Na-Nu"
I like him, but get enough shares on facebook and twitter. Nothing personal against him, but I won't circle him here.
Who gives a shit what social network this attention whore uses.
Welcome aboard, +George Takei!

+James Allen - I effectively did that already.  When I set up home on G+, I dropped everything from facebook except friends & family.  Unfortunately, that meant George's page had to go (as well as other people I follow here on G+, like +Robert Scoble and +Mike Elgan, but who aren't my real life friends).
He's got to be seeing this "Adding you on Google+ (15,000+). Woo hoo!
ok G+'ers we've got to get him over here!!!  
Ironically he could have 500k circle him and it would still look like a ghost town if HE DOESN'T START CIRCLING TOO. This isn't FB.
Time to drop Pinterest Twitter and FB......
15,000 done. USA is still waking up. By the time I get up in Australia I hope to see 100K followers at least.
Who cares if it s a ghost town here??  
We just want to see Capt. Sulu.
I circle someone for the content and not for the namesake.... share some good stuff +George Takei 
Passing on an idea that came to my mind a few minutes ago.  TAKEI ALL THE DAYS!  ;)
Haven't use FB more than 2 years. I love G+ much.
takei was a good pas 2 dat add.
Why doesn't he just write it like it is:

"If I don't get at least 250.000 circlers, it's just not profitable enough for me to post there"

Anyways, I've circled him, he's George fucking Takei afterall.
Tell George I enjoy seeing him at the Social Security office.
Done!! Can't wait for his first post.
I love it, George Takei is in my circle... Oh My!!!!!
Nope. His stupid picture comments don't do it for me 
Right now what is trending on Google+ are Breaking dawn at #1 and JB and Kristen Stewart on #3 and #4....I'm not sure I want to keep my account on G+ anymore...:)
Nice to see you on Google+ Mr. Takei!
''To boldly go where 'no one' has gone before!
If he thinks G+ is a ghost town he should probably ask Shatner who has nearly a million who have circled him.
I don't like circling celebrities but in this case I will announce: Challenge Accepted! 
are you on facebook i am not
+Seval Gunes Good choice! He's actually very interesting and really engaging, if FB and Twitter are any indication.
i on facebook
Serendipitous :)  I was just searching for him on G+ the other day.  Love all his posts on FB and really want to kick the FB habit ;)
Let's make it #takeieveryday  !
Let's create a new trending hash tag. Everyone post #circletakei

That ought to take care of getting him circled to death, figuratively speaking.
Ghost town? More like the Undiscovered Country!
Another guy utilizing the "lets see if G+ is a ghost town" argument to gain followers.. Come on, be creative, produce something of value.
Actually, the fact that just a group of people manipulates the "trending on google+" like that, tells me that G+ needs a lot more growth.
Are you familiar withe the term Reine? 
I've become more and more concerned - maybe even unhappy - with Facebook in the recent past, so much so that I joined Google+ thinking I might just close my FB account. This helps. 
George, it's not all that many people....  Use your networks to enroll people in the idea.  Ever get to San Diego??
I wonder how many followers he will have by this time tomorrow... O_o
At this rate it will take him approximately 276 hours, or 11.5 days to reach 250K followers on G+. 
Fred L
I love his quote under Occupation: "I am George Takei, and this is my official Google+ page! Oh Myyyy". Made me laugh :D
Jack S
he's got one more
Lets not limit ourselves to just one day...

He says he'd like 250k followers on +Google+ before he starts producing content here...he's worth pre-emptively putting on that "Interesting Follows" list, right? :P
He shows as verified now... and Jeri Ryan just hit 2 million following... so George show be able to pull 250K. Come on Plussers!
No, I will not be his follower.

Yeah. We're gonna need some content if he's gonna get 250k. Here's to hoping +Google will release APIs for +Google+ that will allow users to post from third party apps. That'll bring in more people like Takei (and regular users too) who don't want to copy and paste posts just to get them on all their networks.
So 24999 aren't enough people for this guy to give you guys attention? Ef that...
It's funny that a week ago I was searching for him on here and had no luck. Now I know why.
+Stephanie Van Pelt Good job - only one thing, I think someone needs to give him one of the wonderful tutorials in how to post. etc, here.  I circled that profile last night, and even today I don't see any posts on it.  I have a feeling that he's posting to a circle, not public.  (And yes, I know there's probably only the one post - that's the one I don't see. :-) )  Once he's got 5000 people in circles, if he doesn't post public we won't see it.  Of course, another suggestion is to create a +George Takei page...
+Stephanie Van Pelt I realize that - but the post linked to in his facebook post isn't public, here.  The link you posted up there, only takes me to his profile, not to the post that his facebook link shows him making.

Wow, that's clear as mud... do you understand what I mean?
Greg S.
Oh great, now I have G+'ers copping attitude over the 250K and "ghost town" comment and saying they won't circle because of it.  This is why G+ can't have nice things :P
Is that a recent pic?  He looks damn good for 75.
Hey George add me as one of your fans
Jose Vasquez do i know you???????????????
Looks like we won; guess who just made his first G+ post?
This morning at 10:47am George was at 20,739 followers. Now at 3:12 pm he has 25,739. At this rate he will reach 250K followers in slightly less than 9 days. Let's keep going. 
The coolest shit would be if you did a Google Hangout with him and one of the rooms in his house was designed like the bridge of the Enterprise.  That would be so cool I would do the rest of the Hangout with my pants around my ankles. I would "hangout" while I hungout on a Hangout.
You did it guys, he made his first post. Good job everyone.
I used to follow George on FB, but then I got rid of FB, I miss George.
Man, why if i read his message.. I read it with his voice like in the Red Alert 3.. weird.
I don't really know him before .please you give me some his details .
maybe a site with a post .
or optione.2a4 posta bed mbo box office .
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