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Trolls be aware! This is very dangerous legislation for more than just trolls:

"It is unlawful for any person, with intent to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend, to use a ANY ELECTRONIC OR DIGITAL DEVICE and use any obscene, lewd or profane language or suggest any lewd or lascivious act, or threaten to inflict physical harm to the person or property of any person."
One of the Internet's basic tenets—the right to be as much of a myopic, infantile asshat as humanly possible—is currently under attack in Arizona.
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"annoy or offend"? What in the actual fuck?
This is incredibly alarming. Incredibly. In the article they say that it shows how much lawmakers do not understand the internet. Boy is that an understatement.
Offend? Jesus... I offend some folks just getting out of bed in the morning.... bastards shouldn't be looking in my window anyway.
I love that they include annoying. If they base that on my perception of who is annoying, a lot of people are going to jail.
+Melissa Bryan no lie. If this made it to actual law and I still lived in AZ, i'd be on the phone with the cops every waking hour.
And yet, the bill to protect your Facebook password fails. What is going on with our rights here? Seriously?! Why are we allowing this to happen?

Doesn't anyone care?
So if you're in Arizona, and you tell someone to shove a fork in their ass online, you're going to jail? WTF.

Someone needs to send them a copy of the 1st Amendment.
I fully support this decision. I hope in Texas they decide that the death penalty is applied as well. People need to learn that stating a strong but false opinion is not to be tolerated!
And here's a better question. What if the person you piss off lives in AZ, but you live somewhere else?
How will they determine ones intent to annoy? Pure asshattery.
Wait, I do have one thing to say..

+Rugger Ducky Good question. What if we try to provoke the people who live in Arizona.... They will have to make troll self-defense!
"(...) or threaten to inflict physical harm to the person or property of any person."

Oh, so they mean the people who proposed this law!
Arizona is really working hard to become the most draconian state in the union... The wording includes "annoy"! Seriously? I know people that are "annoyed" when they see friends on facebook talking about politics. Suddenly you get a giant fine and a few years in prison for even innocuous statements on your private timeline.
+Eric Hansen
Re: "annoy or offend"? What in the actual fuck?

Atheist goes to christian website, is annoyed or offended... Arrest all the Christians!!

Christian goes to atheist website, is annoyed or offended... Arrest all the Atheists!!

Incumbent party is annoyed by internet campaign by opposition... Arrest the opposition!!!

No, I don't know "what the actual fuck" they were thinking.. but I sure hope this gets shot down sooner than later. By, you know, one of the gun toting republicans :P
Why are old people still in charge of shit like this? Carousel anyone?
I went to Brewer's FB page and sent the following PM:

Hello Governor,

As a happy citizen living elsewhere in the United States, I'm begging you not to sign House Bill 2549. Those voting for it have clearly never once read the Constitution of the United States, and especially the 1st Amendment to it.

House Bill 2549 is a direct violation of the rights of free speech, not only for the citizens of Arizona, but for all Americans. It is so vaguely worded that if you had already signed it into law, and I told you that you should finish shoving your head up your ass, I would be in violation of it. Even though I live in California.

Please, do not sign this law, or you'll find yet another case for the Fed to intervene in your state. This is draconian, unconstitutional, and all in all, a very bad idea.

Thank you for your time.
I think we ALL care. We just don't have enough cash to make anything in government work for us. Welcome to the global industrial complex.
+Luis Felipe Arreola Cantú I agree completely. This walks a very, very narrow line. How do they prove intent? How do they determine sarcasm? What about sarcastic language that's nicely stated but with intent to harm? Vice versa?
"Are they gonna start spying on us?"

START spying? Where have you been living for the past decade?
I was working at MindSpring (now Earthlink) in 1999 when President Clinton's FBI introduced an email scanning program called "Carnivore", which looked for words like bomb, assassinate, etc. We might uh...have broken it and rendered it useless on our email servers, but it was a precursor to what has happened since.
So now I'm not only guilty of driving while Mexican but also of trolling while surfing. Seriously, though, I've heard of cases where teens go suicidal over online harassment so, maybe it can help in that matter?
Just makes me proud once again to live in AZ. The reason they keep defunding education here is so that our legislators can continue to bamboozle the voters.
Thorby, yes, we need some anti-bullying laws for online harassment, but this goes all the way to "offend". Who is going to determine what is offensive and what is not?
This worries me. On the one hand, I'm glad that something like this came out to deal with the nastiness of trolling. On the other hand, since phones are "electronic or digital devices," getting put in jail because you told someone to go f*** themself at the end of a call is pretty lame.
+Rugger Ducky my argument may be flawed anyway since I was thinking of bullying and maybe trolling is not necessarily bullying.
+Thorby Corvin Cyber bullying is a problem. But teens also have problems with sex, love, drugs, drinking, etc. etc. etc.

The problem I have here, is how vague the language is. To get a restraining order you have to show that you feel threatened. But this is so vague that I feel it violates our free speech.
I feel blessed to have been a part of the inter-webs during its wild west days when trolls, flamers and F8 bullys roamed free.
You know what you need to eliminate bullying and trolling? Confidence.
Then the 1st Amendment should take care of that.
+Sonny Mikeal If people need someone to hold their little hand while on the internet, they have bigger issues at home. +Stephanie Van Pelt Cyberbullying isn't a problem, it's bad parents that don't spend time with their children. Everyone at one point was bullied in person or online and frankly we're all fine. We had enough self confidence and knew to just shrug it off or move along. Thanks Mom and Dad. Parents don't want to sit down with their kids and would rather blame everyone else, hence the birth of 'cyberbullying' music, video games being the enemy. All these existed for awhile and now their an issue? BS.
J Magister, I'm going to respectfully disagree. My parents were relatively involved and very much loving. I got bullied regardless. Poor kid, smart, small, with a tendency to try and defend the weakest kids.
+Rugger Ducky ever hear the phrase "sometimes you've got to paint with dark colors to make art"? It's evolution in action.
So why not just give all the junior high kids guns and ammo Eric?
Nobody has the confidence in junior high to be able to successfully deal with bullying on their own. Unless you're bigger and stronger, and then you're probably the bully.

If you think back to junior high and don't remember being picked on, teased, or made to feel like crap, chances are incredibly high that YOU were the bully.
+J Magister Audet , you read a whole lot into my statement....didn't you? So, how about you re-direct that attitude somewhere else. But, hey...its the internet. Feel free to tell me where to 'get off' in your world. =-P
+Rugger Ducky it depends on whether or not you were in a clique, because if you were then your friends would defend you or at least sympathize with you. Then there are those loners, shy ones who don't have a clique and instead will be bullied by several cliques.
Oooo... are we into trolling each other within the trolling discussion itself? Wouldn't that create some sort of space-time disrupture? :)
+Sonny Mikeal I was agreeing with you
+Rugger Ducky We all got bullied at one point as I said before. No one was / is immune to it even as we get older. However, we learned to move on and focus our efforts on making ourselves better. I actually thank my bullies because without them I wouldn't have been as successful, and I wouldn't have someone to make my taco at Taco Bell now :)
Lets hope they enforce it equally on Islamists trolls ;)
clearly that law was put by a pranked/trolled old man
oh boo hoo, we need to stop bubble wrapping kids these days. Being bullied sucked growing up, but it wasn't something that completely ruined your life.

Growing up being bullied made me stronger. It made me realize that not all people are nice, and the world I would later grow up to work and live in is the same.

Sure we can try to get rid of bullies in schools, but what happens when those kids get out of school? They are completely unprepared for the different types of people they'll eventually meet. Telling kids some people are mean is different from them actually experiencing it and learning to deal with it. That's something they have to learn themselves.

Having stayed back in high school an extra year, I was able to see new kids coming into the school, and all I can say is how disgusted I was seeing how these kids acted. Of course it wasn't all of them. There was a couple younger boys and girls, the quiet, shy ones. But the rest... when I and my friends were younger, we wouldn't back talk to our teachers like these kids did. Screaming, throwing desks, back talking, doing drugs and drinking in school, on school property... and it's awful because these children are so spoiled and loved, that those parents would never believe their children could be like that.

Parenting is failing on a massive scale... I wish schools would bring back nuns or something. Or else parents could grow some balls.
+Vannessa Chamberlain AGREED!
Did you say back talk?! I did that ONCE haha learned my lesson real good! Kids these days have it too easy, my parents wouldn't tolerate half the crap they get away with. Kids these days have cell phones at what 12-13 yrs old and not just flip phones iPhones etc. The response I got when I wanted a cellphone "get a job then you can buy as many cellphones as you want".
Fucking Arizona and their crazy laws
>not getting behind a proxy

This is beyond stupid. AZ the land of the braindead crybabies. Seriously all of their legislation should be executed in the street.
+J Magister Audet exactly! I just turned 20 and I'm just able to afford an iPhone now! However, I go to an open house at my college, and I find out my classmates have their education paid, their parents pay for their rent, their car insurance..! Makes me feel like a huge chump having to work all my life just to pay for everything.

I'm so glad my parents made me pay for everything. I have a better respect for money and just how far it can go.
additionally cyberbullying is a crock of made up bullshit as well.
On behalf of my state I'd like to apologies for our "representatives". They aren't normally this stupid in view of the public. #welcometoarizona
+Michael Rainey I have a coworker from Arizona and she's consistently telling me how inept Floridians are. I think I might go tell her about this. :P
I was bullied in school. It made me a stronger adult. My parents were there for me, but instead of fighting my battles for me, the taught me strategies and tools for dealing with them. As an adult, I feel I have a better grasp of dealing with this kind of behavior. I now know how to turn it back on them, how to come out ahead, how to deflect conflict and how to face conflict head on. I've learned when to take each approach.

This law isn't just about cyberbullying of our children. This law is aimed at everyone in Arizona. And it's so alarming.
+Darryl Barnes I know straight up what you are talking about. Whenever I started getting picked on I quickly developed a reputation of flying off the handle. I might not have won every fight. But it never matter who it was be it some one a foot and a half taller than me, hell I beat some girl with my bookbag for mouthing off cause I wasn't walking fast enough for her. Nowadays oh god it's assault. We have grown a crop of pushover crybabies that think they have some sort of right to never get upset over anything because it's "offensive" so damn stupid.
+Jjarnd Msdiun THIS. Can't wait to see how the generation bellow us will grow up to be like. If not successful, it will certainly be entertaining.
it's straight up causing all these people who have been coddled their entire lives are the ones that soon as things don't go their way end up walking into somewhere and unloading a rifle into a bunch of random people's faces... or go stab happy in a mall.
looks like yelp is gonna lose its Arizona connection
lol +Darryl Barnes it was totally in 5th grade so she was taller than me. What makes me feel even better is that she ended up dead from a drug overdose last year.
+Vannessa Chamberlain It's going to be a true horror show. Either it's going to be baby coddling for all and all of us normal folks are going to be thrown into a gas chamber. or it'll be complete and total chaos when all the adult babies can't get what they want and start chopping everyone up with axes.
This law doesn't even cover the fundamentals of trolling... it's like they don't understand it at all. Being offensive doesn't mean you're trolling, it's the goal of the engagement that makes it a trolling attempt or not. Does a remark make you angry? Does it make you defend your beliefs, rights, favorite band until you get angry and start swearing at the guy? You're being trolled. When somebody says "Green Day is the best Heavy Metal band ever" (super obvious troll, I know) it's meant to make some metal-head flip his, pardon the french, shit at the comment. Trolling isn't necessarily bullying and it usually is not. Someone needs to teach those baby-boomers how the world works nowadays. Between this and SOPA/ACTA/PIPA, I can't wait for the boomers to retire...
By the time I got to high school i actually got along with everyone. I wasn't even trying I just kinda got everyone for some reason.
Bah, I could give up my civil rights for this. It would be enjoyable to see some asshats in jail.
The world is doomed. The so-called Western Society part anyway.
+Eric Prusinski
"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-Benjamin Franklin
This law annoys me, and I found it over the Internet. Do the lawmakers go to jail?
Everyone will have to add a disclaimer to every thing they post online... "The following comment is not intended to offend, annoy or damage any person, place or thing. Any reference to a person, living or deceased, is purely coincidental and is unintended.". There problem averted.
There should be absolutely no laws concerning bullying, annoying, or generally being a nuisance online with regards to speech. If you're annoyed with someone report them to the medium's moderator and log off. If you're offing yourself because someone typed something mean/bad/untrue about you or 'shopped some imagery of you into something embarrassing, you have other issues to be concerned about - not bullying or harrassment.

People need to get some perspective. Being online is a choice in just about every situation. You don't like the people interacting with you, then "learn to computer" and render individuals like that irrelevant. You can also just not be online. It's okay, the world isn't going to fall apart.

Also, this legislation is brain dead. Hope it doesn't pass. =-/
Uh...I've been on so many forums that have moderators that freak out and ban people and a month or two goes by and they slowly lose interest and free speech is back to normal...some people like to be in control and need to shut the #@$# up.
All the fun news come from the other side of the Atlantic lately....
I use to troll when I was a teenager still in highschool! shameful
O.O ~FAINT~ I'm dead. Been trollin' since I waz borned.
+Stephanie Van Pelt not complaining really, just observing as different parts of the world take turns, to who is the more paranoid...
The "right" to grief other people? Not standing up for that one...
Arizona has issues. FORREAL. At first it was illegal to be Dora the explorer, now you can't be be Oscar the grouch.
hahaha very funny
stupidity in a box :P :)
This law annoys and offends me, off with there heads!
that takes all of the fun out of all internet activity ever... unless you don't live in arizona.
u mad?
I find the fact they are doing that offensive :)
What the hell ever happend to freedom of speech
I don't think that its one of the basic tenets, it one of the worst abuses of the internet concept. DARPA certainly never envisioned this kind of bad behavior when they invented the internet . If you think you can behave badly because you can do it anonymously merely means you already know right from wrong. So behave!
The law is no different than the laws on the books to prevent threats or incitements to riot. The problem lies in the fact that the majority of people speak their minds very honestly, at least I know I do, and this law is just begging to be abused. How many people are going to be jailed simply for speaking their mind, but someone felt they were "threatened" or that they were spoken to with "lewd" comments? When is "Suck my knob" going to be used to put someone in jail? I don't think this law should be so simplistic as it is. There needs to be a clear and defined line of thought before someones life is ruined for saying within their rights.
Rami S
lol do they have children writing law now? zomg I just trolled time to go to jail 0.o
A member of local parliament in arizona got trolled on a forum, so he decided to take drastic actions....
If I don't like what's on TV, I change the channel, If I don't like what they say on my Social site, I BLOCK the SOB!!! If I go to Arizona, I go to JAIL. What the... If what people say to me offends me I should either stay home, stop watching TV, stop listening to the radio, stop watching movies, stop reading the paper, stop going to the bar; sporting event; concert; stop visiting websites, stop going to Social Networks' etc;etc! OR, I should rise above it, get some skin and live my life they way I see fit. If I hurt you Sorry, If you hurt me, I'll get over it!!!
No one gets what trolling is. It is when some one humiliates or pranks some one else in public to be funny. Ever heard of Steve green? He's a troll, watch one of his videos. Rated PG-13
Oh! and another thing, you can't legislate stupidity!
That is definitely one to rail against publicly and loudly!
who needs freedom of speech that is soo 19th century .
/Sarcasm off.
Bill G
+Stephanie Van Pelt you know how people keep saying that there's no law for being stupid or that stupid should hurt? Well it looks like there may come a day when that actually may happen....being stupid is gonna be illegal and hurt. Hey, maybe this won't be a BAD thing.....yeah, right!!
only in america, a non free country full of slaves.

like your prisons aren't full enough without 25 years for typing 'lawl'!!!

America, fuck off yeah
Nice and ambiguous. Just how we like our laws to be written.
good thing i dont live in arizona...
I guess the war on drugs isn't producing enough inmates anymore. Someone just hit the jackpot required to make prisons a really competitive growth business ;)
Really ? In the name of freedom.... this is bizarre... where does it go from here, if my neighbor doesn't like the way I dress, I can go to jail ??????
is there an opportunity for me to get compensation for pain & suffering? Arizona, was someone mean to you on the interwebs? The first step should be to call your mommie not introduce legislation. Arizona; Land of the Lost Bitches.
I just got home to 175 comments and 95 shares. Wow! I guess I'm not the only one outraged here!
+Matt Davis mat there is only 636 of them, and 300 million of us. I think I'd everything went right, the odds are in our favor. On a side note, now I will troll just for fun and not for serious internet-ing.
wow .. I may need to find a day job after all!
Leo T
Arizona is the new armpit of America! I bet Florida is smiling big right now.
anybody who thinks this is a good idea needs to spend some time in a deep dark hole forever.
Pretty silly! Who will decide what is :
'intent to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend, to use a ANY ELECTRONIC OR DIGITAL DEVICE and use any obscene, lewd or profane language or suggest any lewd or lascivious act, or threaten to inflict physical harm to the person or property of any person."

One persons offense may be funny to another. There are those that look for reasons to be offended.
Bulling yes, but trolling? No , its just someones opinion, maybe people should learn not to be so sensitive and take it on the chin. CRITICISM CAN BE GOOD!
go arizona knock it off you predators
the only problem with this law is....Not everyone lives in Arizona, therefore this law will have little effect on those in the country let alone those that live in other countries. I think the USA needs to stop thinking they can control everything....Its a good law, but like many other laws that exist it will be useless.
+Dakota Beauchamp This isn't the USA thinking they can control everything. This is the State of Arizona thinking they can control the internet. :)
You didn't use the word "myopic" correctly. Trolls don't consider the consequences of their actions, whether that be now or in the future. You can keep trying though, I'm sure writing enough sudo-intelectual/sensational blog posts will get you a high school equivalent English education someday.
Well if you think about it other states are trying to get other things passed that are similar to this. Does sopa and pipa ring a bell. I give America another few years before freedom of speech is at risk.
+Keram Conant ummm, not sure who you are talking to, but if you want to talk to the author of the blog post you might want to leave the comment on the blog itself.
While I understand the intent the wording is absolute ass.
hehe good thing i don't live in arizona I'm to pretty to go to jail
The really bad thing is that the way the US courts have lately determined jurisdiction it means that anyone, anywhere can probably be held accountable to their laws just because the posts are seen or pass through Arizona.
What? An incredibly conservative state trying to stifle free speech? No way.

Oops I think that might count as trolling.. Problem Arizona?
This would stop so many of the god vs science debates I enjoy provoking.
Which side would call the cops first?
On the upside everyone outside of Arizona could Troll people inside Arizona and they would be powerless.
Here's an idea: if your offended, go to a different website. Or better yet, turn off your computer and never turn it on again lest someone find your opinion ridiculous.
Um ok i think this is basically another "duh...common sense" law. I mean all this stuff is aleeady illegal to one degree or another in the real world it was only logical for it to be carried over into the digital one.
That sounds like a dangerous situation in Arizona. The other 49 will be on the internet making fun of them and trolling them until people start to snap and go crazy throughout the state
The senators, the house and the congress should be careful what they pass. If this were ratified most of them would be criminals.

The problem with legislation like this is that all of these "bad" things are relative and therefor subject to interpretation. Making this very hard to prosecute. You can draw some lines in the sand, but I would argue with a large vocabulary and proper diction you could do a great many of these things without ever uttering a profane word or issuing a threat. I can also see how someone not doing all of this could also be accused of such.

Troubling times indeed... when you have people who are technically inept trying to create legislation to protect everyone else.
This is the problem with anti-bully legislation - it's a 1st amendment killer.
Instead of the government focusing on real crimes they waste their time with this bullshit. Oh noes, someone called me a name on the internet. My feelings are hurt. Digital words really get to me. I'm too stupid to press ban or block instead I'll throw them in jail. WAAAAHHHH mummy come here, this guy is using the internet to call me names.
So what should we do to fix the problem because if there I a state of emergency then you know its going to be hell on earth.
What?? What??? At first reading, that looks like I can't even say "fuck you!" to someone online! And whaddya mean "its unlawful to annoy.." ?? TO ANNOY?? WHAT?
If they annoy me now? Let's sue them! I... I... I can't take this anymore! It's so annoying! and I feel offended too!
Glad I live in England,though it's a good thing,really!
All I can think of to say is wow.. or holy crap, must be an off day for me... I'm out of words, that, or afraid someone will be offended...
+Stephanie Van Pelt I admire that you are willing to stand up and speak your mind.  It is rare that someone does it with the consistency and clarity that you do.
Hi Stephanie how r u can we be friends please*please answer me please*please say somthing please*please I need friend
Yeah, this is a bad idea. All speech laws like this usually do not survive in courts. "annoy or offend" does not belong in any laws - this could be someone just disagreeing with another, and would sweep up people whom it's framers did not intend to sweep up.
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