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Battlestar Galactica prequel.

So say we all.
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Looks like it could be awesome, in spite of the lame Zeppelin cover.
Looks like this trailer is being pulled and replaced with a copyright notice on most sites.
Dαn J
When is this coming out? Or is it?
I think there is a wibble incoming...

Don't make me come over there missy!! Stop being sick!
IMDB has it marked as 2013, long wait people...
+Gregg Sakauye & +Stuart Duff Don't think I haven't been having this very same conversation with my body. It isn't listening.

2013 isn't that far. How long did we wait for season 4.5? I mean really? They strung us out longer than any *sshole ex boyfriend ever has.
Also, only the pilot is marked down so far, so who knows
Wait, what? Why haven't I heard of this before??? :)
But +Stuart Duff, you know the original reboot was only supposed to be the mini series? Then it was so successful they decided to go for more. If it's only a movie or pilot and it does well, you know they'll produce more.

Sadly there is a vast void of science fiction out there. At least Doctor Who is currently filming the new season. Us sci-fi geeks need to demand more television programming.

Oh, and I hear Hyperion is going into production for a movie too.....
All valid points, but can we get execs to stop cancelling good stuff just cos it doesnt play well against Jersey Shore reruns on a friday night?
"Us sci-fi geeks need to demand more television programming" Or better yet turn off our televisions and read more books :)
I felt quite bad with what happened with the last two half-seasons of BSG...
Somehow I saw there intention from the crew to wrap up the show asap and move to financially stronger deal with the new (but related) story line. I felt sorry for the missed oportunity to end up the series with the same energy and quality which has been alway present in the earlier seasons...

Anyway, I really hope that this prequel will not be an economically driven act but oriented toward the story instead... :)
I had no clue they were doing this....yay!!!
I watched the trailer about 10 times already :D

And Trent Reznor does not do "lame Zeppelin covers".
According to IGN, this is not an official trailer. SyFy has been very mum about the future of this series and the last I heard they were considering just turning it into a web series. I've tried to get some folks there to talk about it, but they won't. It's either dead in the water or they've got some big reveal planned. Let's hope it's the latter. Only the pilot has been shot and that was completed a few years ago.

The trailer has been yanked from YouTube by NBC/Universal. So I think we weren't supposed to see this... LOL
Matter of taste then +Michael Gaines . Seemed to me that they were trying to recreate the "All Along the Watchtower" feel from BSG and it wasn't woriking for me.
+Robin Burks The article says that SyFy debuted this trailer at Wonder Con last week. So maybe things are moving again?
If anything, maybe it'll stir up interest.
+Michael Gaines That's what I'm hoping. Because they've been sitting on the pilot for two years. I've tried to ask about it in interviews and Twitter Q&A's and always get ignored or deflected.
Caprica was just starting to get going when they cut it, I expect they'll do the same here. :-/

I used to love Sci-Fi channel, but I haven't tuned into Sy-Fy at all. (shrug)
Oh, don't get me started on what they did to Caprica. Grr!
I got frakkin' goose bumps!
This definitely looks like they're recapturing what made BSG great sci-fi...
As interesting (to me) as Caprica was, I see that emo-future-warbot gone girl interrupted wasn't the way to win sci-fiers hearts and minds... heh...
Anyways, looking forward to this, thanks for the heads up on it +Stephanie Van Pelt !
It's not Dr. Who, but what the hell... Looks like fun.
Well I just read an announcement that SyFy has now decided to pursue this as originally planned....webisodes.

Guess it's better than nothing but disappointing nonetheless. +Robin Burks you had good info. Sorry I doubted, I let my hope get the better of me.
That means that SyFy doesn't want to invest any more time and money into it. Most of their new shows are so cheap to produce because they're reality shows. Ugh.
This is why I don't watch SyFy anymore. BBC is my scifi station of choice now.
SyFy still has some great programming, just less of it every year. Being Human is amazing, as is Sanctuary, Warehouse 13, Eureka (which they're cancelling), Haven and Alphas. However, not a single one of those shows is of the space scifi genre that made their network popular. I stay away from BBC America - they edit too much. And they are entirely too obsessed with Gordon Ramsay - I CANNOT STAND HIM! LOL
Off topic of SiFy, any one see Sherlock the remake of the classic Doyle stories set in modern london? Only three episodes so far, saw it on PBS Masterpiece Mistry.
+Lorne Thomas Leufvén I love that Sherlock series! There are actually six episodes - the new season just aired in the UK but will air on PBS in a month (I think). It gets even better!
I have been watching the news on it... I love the cinematography and the way that they adapted the stories to the present day. I am so excited.
I couldn't get into Sanctuary. I did like Warehouse 13 but got bored with it. Eureka is definitely great but I tend to forget about it because I'm just never on the channel. I saw a few episodes of Haven, but meh.

I've gotten to see all six Sherlock episodes and they are outstanding. Also loved Moffat's Jekyll (all 6 episodes are available on Netflix).
Sherlock is outstanding! Can't wait for season two.
Thanks, will be watching Netflix at work now. :-P
Since no one else mentioned it... My other favorite SyFy channel show that died too soon was Stargate Universe. SGU was a great show, very different from the other shows in the Stargate franchise, had more of a BSG feel to it, great cast, excellent writing, cancelled just when it had gotten really good.
Sucks, my Netflix only has Sherlock Season 1. Once again it looks like Netflix has different programing in different areas.
+Ron Whitmire , SGU got better at the end. However, it should have been canceled earlier or the writers should have gotten to the good parts much much earlier. As a total (from first to last episode) SGU was not a good show.
Yes, I watched all episodes
Too many lens flares, and dropped wrenches when they swear.
The show was cheesy as hell, doubt I'll be catching this.
Brains, it wants to eat you brains!
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