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I've posted about cheese before. Who wants in a Cheese circle? This circle will be a notify circle.

I'm passionate about cheese.
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oh i'll be in one:D so far italy has the best cheese i've eaten!
I like me some cheese. I always go crazy and spend lots of money at the Cheese bar at Whole Foods.
Did you see where cheese has the same chemical (casein) as opiates? (

I'm somewhat interested to learn more about it and see if it makes a difference. That link makes a nice note that research is on-going (may have completed?) to identify if it makes it into the bloodstream when digested from cheese. Still, would explain why I love slathering cheese on things even-though I know it's not good for me.
Cheese circle? I think a circle is appropriate for this fine topic!
+Robert Duke I took a beer and cheese pairing at a local bar. The cheese was supplied by Whole Foods (+Philip Griego). It was superb.

At the moment I'm a huge fan of Chardonnay with cheddar. Simple comfort food.
Chardonnay + good Gouda + fresh bread and real butter = happiness x 10!
Cheese is delicious. Even if it does cause my body to malfunction.
I lived in France for 3 years and there you really get to appreciate cheese. They have 400 types, but my favorite is still a good Gouda, specially I tried once a Pesto-Gouda that I can still savor it.
Cheese whiz, that sounds like a great idea to engage. I've always found some great cheeses at costco or our vegetable weekend market place. Bread, a nice cheese and wine, a favorite but a chardonnay and peanut M&M's, awesomely awesome! Group Hug!
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