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The beginnings of my wine circle. Singing up means you'll get notified of wine inspired posts and hangouts. Bravely wine where no one has wined before.

Who wants in?
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Funny that, I'm sipping and listening right this moment. :)
I do like wine, although it's been awhile. I would like to be included in this, I've tried a vast majority of Malbecs.
Me! Although tonight I'm cheating, having red apple Sangria (leftovers from last night)...
I would love to be added to your wine circle! Cheers!
You had better add me t0 this circle right quick :)
use a translator for this one malbec solo se dava en francia una plaga acabo con la mayoria de los viñeros se llevaron algunas para argentina y pego solo se da en Fracia y Argentina
Argentinian Malbecs are the way to go! I've probably had about 40 different Malbecs, mostly from Argentina.
I'm insulted that I'm not in this circle. ;)
Drinking my cheap $8.50 Target wine tonight. Please let me stay?
Yes please ! Do you drink Swiss wine on G+?
I don't really drink wine, but I do have a bottle of Captain Morgan, does that count?
i could dig a wine circle. room for one more?
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