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The good news is my injury gets me out of the dreaded Chuck E Cheese trip for my son's birthday. While he's off with his dad the real question now is.....which will take longer, Chuck E Cheese or my ER trip?

It's really anyone's guess.
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I just want to say, "Good luck, we're all counting on you."
7 hours in the ER maybe. At least that's how it'd be here. May be quicker for Dr. DeBose to come check on it.
Rose T
It's really a coin toss, isn't it.. hopefully you'll be home before the Chucky Cheese expedition :)
Ps.. Happy Birthday to your son.. :))))))
+stephanie wanamaker I fell last night coming off the beach boardwalk. I was carrying Little Bit and couldn't see the steps. Thought I was at the bottom but I wasn't.
Hope its not as bad as it feels. Hang in there sweetie.
Take care of that... looks painful and in need of ice and rest.
awh.. sorry for that
I think the pain and future hardship will be much worse than a short time at chuck e cheeses!
Chuck E Cheese will take less time than the ER trip - but I bet it SEEMS longer!

Take care of yourself. That looks painful.
OUCH!!!  SO, so sorry for your hurt.  And as a single parent, the "as if life wasn't friggin' hard enough" aspect is another bummer :(  I wish I could help;  all I can do is send the love of a friend and say I hope the road to recovery is quick.
Remember, when you get to the airport ER, there is No Parking in the Red Zone.
+Jim Preis Lucky for me, +Jonathan Camp is visiting and taking great care of me. Otherwise this would have been quite the call to mom and dad last night. Had whole family over for presents this morning and I'm reminded how lucky I am to have such a great support system.
Stop trying to break your foot off in some kids Butt. But I glad to hear that you are ok +Stephanie Van Pelt
+Stephanie Van Pelt they say laughter is the best medicine but thats gonna take a bit more than a smile to endure. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Here's a tip I learned: If you go to ER by ambulance, they have to take you right away, no wait. No matter what.
Have you considered (or do you have) an Urgent Care Center? Might be quicker (and cheaper) than the ER.
+Shayla Cabrera, that's not quite true. You will be considered a higher priority case than most walk-ins upon arrival, however, if Triage deems your case to be largely bovine droppings you may still be sent to waiting.
A word of encourAgement you will over it
The sooner the better right. ;-)
Ooooh, owww.  Broke a little bone in your foot.  Ask me how I know.  The foot looks healthy otherwise, but take care.  Six weeks off your feet, girl.  I'm serious, no cheating.
Good luck at the ER, wishing you a speedy, painless recovery!
forget the er. call ortho dr in Am (cheaper & they know more than ER docs about these) and tell them you want an emerg squeeze in. It would be worse if it was broken
I have had a broken toe for like four months and it sucks!
use model of Cheops Pyramid someone put his broken foot under it and recover in 2 days . search on net to know about this . 
I vote ER trip...unless the dad has some serious fortitude against the tidal wave that is Chuck E Cheese
Broken foot and two sprained ankles. Follow up with ortho in the next couple of days but have some braces now that are helping. Also a prescription for a walker.
:(  Again, so sorry friend. (((((((((())))))))))
wow both ankles sprained  that sucks  least you have great excuse to stay in bed
Sorry you're not having a good day...hopefully you heal up very soon
At least it's just one broken foot, right?
That is more than enough. Hugs to you dear. 
You're young and spry +Stephanie Van Pelt you'll be good to go in a few. Meanwhile we'll enjoy your company more maybe for the next couple days
Did you call a TOE truck?
/my only joke
Hoe ya feeling better soon. Enjoy the painkillers ☺
you take care sorry see you have hurt yourself hope all is good
damn im sorry for your ankle hope it heels
Ouch! Get better soon
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