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Stephanie Smith
SSSM, Big Wave Social Media, Startup Grind.
SSSM, Big Wave Social Media, Startup Grind.
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Home Exchange President, Jim Pickell, speaks at the Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show, Saturday February 27th, at 1pm.

Join us in the Savvy Traveler Theater at 1:00pm.

Bringing Meaning to Family Travel (Without Breaking the Bank)
Jim Pickell, President,

As the president of (the largest home exchange network in the world), an avid traveler, Family Travel Association board member, and most importantly a father of two, Jim Pickell has had his fair share of family vacations. Lately, at the end of every family trip, instead of asking “was it fun?” he has begun asking “was it meaningful?” and he’s challenging other travelers to do the same. What’s the difference? And why should one be valued more than the other when planning your next family vacation? Join Jim as he discusses how to the make the most out of limited vacation days, highlighting how authentic travel can expand their understanding of the world together. He’ll also explain how to budget for memorable activities and experiences, rather than operational logistics, such as accommodations, car rentals, and equipment; share personal tips and tricks for delivering on a family vacation that is both affordable and meaningful; top picks for unexpected (and uncharted) experiences; and his industry insights on the future of travel and how families can make the most of the changing landscape of travel today.

#travel #familytravel #homeexchange #travelshow #losangeles #vacation #parenting #JimPickell
+Jim Pickell #sharingeconomy

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Tools Show: 3 Tools to Simplify Common Facebook Ad Problems:

Looking for tools to make Facebook advertising and compliance with Facebook's ad standards easier?

In this week's episode of the Social Media Marketing Tools Show, our tech and tools expert +Steve Dotto reviews three tools to help simplify your #Facebook  #advertising: Facebook Grid Tool, Facebook Open Graph Debugger and Facebook Pixel Helper.

Click here to watch now

Don't miss our next episode! Subscribe to the Tools Show here:

#socialmediatools   #facebookads   #smexaminer  

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"Whether it's even part of the sharing economy (barely), Airbnb dominates many of the discussions surrounding how the sharing economy is impacting our travel and our very way of life."
+Jim Pickell in Huffington Post.

#tax   #sharingeconomy #airbnb #travel #economy

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Home Exchange President, +Jim Pickell, in the Huffington Post.

"This movement around "sharing things" has been called many things, including the Gig Economy, the P2P Economy, Collaborative Consumption and the Just-in-Time Economy."

Find out the top 5 myths you must know to understand the sharing economy.

#sharingeconomy #collcons #collaborativeconsumption #sharing #travel #homeexchange #myths #governmentregulation #economy  

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#HomeExchange President, Jim Pickell, shares his views on the recent #Marriott and #Starwood merger and what it means for travelers.

#tourism #travel #hotels #hospitality  

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Calling all entrepreneurs! Want to learn about funding?
Crowdfunding? Seed Funding? Acclerators?

Nowadays, there are many ways to finance your early-stage startup, but what's best for you? Join us on January 21st for part one of a two-part series as renown leaders in each of these areas share insights, tips and trends they're seeing in startup financing around the world. Submit your questions and vote ahead of time! We encourage you to start the conversation now using #RaiseYourRound  on G+ and Twitter (@GoogleForEntrep). 

About the participants: 
Adora Cheung: Y Combinator 2010/Founder, Homejoy:
Dave McClure: Founder, 500 Startups:
Danae Ringelmann: Founder, IndieGoGo:

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#Facebook recently published a small but important update on their developer blog where they effectively put the ban on like-gating content.

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