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Anyone have any insight on when the 'Record' app (Livestreaming feature) will roll out to more users? (or whether or not it ever will) Also, have you seen much of this in your feed?

I saw a blurb somewhere that our ability to publish posts to LinkedIn may be going away. Now I can't find it. I guess it was just a rogue rumor. Pulse is no longer a menu option for me and has been gone for awhile. I can still see notifications from people in my network when they publish a post. Otherwise we can only see if something hits the newsfeed? No way to navigate to it? Any insights as to what's happening with the publishing platform/Pulse?

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Hey if you all haven't listened to this yet regarding the Microsoft/LinkedIn merger they bring up some good points from a marketing perspective. I'm particularly intrigued about the opening up of LinkedIn's API. I hope everything doesn't move into the Microsoft walled garden have to use Microsoft products in order to reap the benefits.

Does anyone know if there is a way to see the people you most recently accepted invitations from? I had a personalized message from someone who sent me an invite that I wanted to respond to, and now I can't remember the person's name! Thanks. By the way, is there a LinkedIn group for LinkedIn experts?

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Want to up your marketing game next year? Here is LinkedIn's list of top 20 marketing books to read in 2016. Look closely, you'll see my book 'Linked to Influence' on the list :):

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Free access to the #LinkedIn Success Summit ends tomorrow! Over 30 sessions and so far they rock!

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This is going to be a great event and it's free. Over 30 LinkedIn speakers! #LinkedIn #LinkedInSuccessSummit

Do any of you manage a LinkedIn group? I am so frustrated with the 'free-posting' change. It's impossible for me to stay on top of member posts now and most are overtly promotional! I guess I have to moderate all 4000 members? Surely there is a better way. Engagement levels are still really low as well, even with me posting questions. Any ideas or thoughts? Are LinkedIn groups doomed for the most part?
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