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Romance, Drama, Suspense
Romance, Drama, Suspense


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“Tell me what I can do to help you?” Briana said.
A cynical laugh escaped Tiana. “Help me?” she said with a smile as bright as the sun. “My dear sister, you are mistaken. You are the one who needs help.”
A frown crossed Briana’s face. “How so?” she asked.
“Let me ask you, how fast are you going in that Mini Coop of yours, huh?”

Briana looked at her speedometer; it read 83 miles an hour. “What does my speed have to do with anything?”
“That’s okay, you don’t have to tell me, but I know how fast you drive. Let me just say, good luck trying to stop.” Tiana disconnected the call.

Briana threw her cell phone in the passenger seat and hit the brakes. They went all the way to the floor, with only air squeezing out of them. She panicked. “Oh my God!” Briana continued to slam on the brakes, but they responded only with shrieks of air.
“Jesus Christ!” Briana screamed. That was the only person who could help her right now.

Over and over again, Briana squeezed the brakes. It was no use, she got the same result from them. She focused on the road before her. How long could she continue to navigate the car before she had to stop. A rush of heat flushed through her. Nervousness hit the pit of her stomach.
“Oh dear God, help me!”

The car was picking up speed now. At any moment, she would run into traffic on 85 North. A silver Chevrolet Tahoe sped past her and jumped in front of her, cutting her off.
“Get out of my way!” she screamed.

The truck driver threw up his middle finger. Traffic was slowing around them. Briana glanced to the side of the highway. The treads might slow her down, but that didn’t mean she would stop. It was possible that she would just go flying down the side, and that wouldn’t be good either. She tried to think of another solution, but there wasn’t one. She swerved out of the left lane, navigating the mini coop around and in front of the cars. Horns blasted her way. People were giving her a piece of their mind for cutting them off. Just when she thought she might make it, traffic slowed down even more. Her mini coop was the only car flying around cars, and soon the highway sounded like a chorus of horns.

The innocent people around her had no way of knowing what was really going on. A woman in a red Toyota Camry decided to teach the impractical driver a lesson on road manners. She jumped in front of Briana slowed down, coming to a stop.
Briana screamed. “AAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

Her Mini Coop banged into the back of the Toyota Camry. Her car did a double flip, and the Toyota was pushed into three other cars with such force that they all were totaled on the spot. Briana’s car landed on the passenger side. Her windows busted immediately; big and small pieces of glass flew like a tornado inside the car. The Mini Coop slid down, the tread causing more damage on the vehicle. The engine caught fire, and flames roared from the hood.

When the car finally came to a stop, Briana was no longer conscious. The seat belt she wore kept her in place, while the rest of her limbs hung to the side. Blood covered her arms and face, where she’d been cut up by the glass. Flames rose higher, and other drivers ran to her car.

Someone yelled, “Help me get her out!”
Two gentlemen and a lady tried unsuccessfully to get Briana out of the car.
“She’s stuck,” one man said. “Her legs are caught up under the dashboard.”
“We have to get her out,” another man said.
“It’s no use. She needs the Jaws of Life to get her out of there,” the lady offered.
The flames rose, and all three of them moved to safety from their vengeance. Sirens blared in the background.
“The ambulance is on its way, let them help her,” the lady said again.

“By the time they get here, it may be too late,” the first man said.
They stepped back to the Mini Coop and reached in, pulling and tugging on Briana.
“Take off her seat belt,” the second man said.
“If we do that and she falls, who’s going to climb in to get her with these flames threatening to kill us all out here? Not me. She shouldn’t have been going so fast in the first place. I wonder if she was drunk,” the lady said.

The sirens got closer. “I think they’re going to make it.”
Just then there was a sound like a crackle of fire. They let go of Briana and moved again.

“I think it’s going to blow. Move out of the way!” the lady said.
Everyone watched as the flames raged and threatened to consume the car and Briana. Still unconscious, she had no way of knowing she was on the brink of death, but her mind was at ease. Either way, she wouldn’t feel a thing.

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Writer's Paradise
Writer's Paradise
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Tonight 9pm eastern standard time you can call in to 718.508.9068 or use this link to join me, Michelle, and Charmaine online:
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