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"Why the fuck do you care how someone else enjoys a sunset?"
This is one of my favorite xkcd strips, and it really says all there is to say. But it reminds me of something else I see a lot, which is complaints about selfies, pictures of food, etc. and sharing them to social media. People ask "who cares?" and say the photos will be gone within an hour and no one will remember them.

And this is weird to me because I think people should care. You check in to see how they're doing, see where they've been and how they look. When people share little bits of their personal lives with others, why not care? That's what friends do. They care about the random fun things their friends are up to. It's always been that way; the only difference is that instead of someone sharing stories about the great meal they had or the outfit they wore one night and really liked, they can show you instead.

There's so much concern over the way people enjoy themselves and share the things that make them happy, I have to wonder if getting pats on the back for deriding kids these days and their silly habits is more important than just enjoying stuff. Or at the very least ignoring the things that bother you without incessant negative commentary.
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Fun fall craft made from leaves
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I made a whole bouquet of these for my wife last fall. Came out really nice. 
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Stephanie McNabb

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Take a moment to help <3
i am groot

even though i have not yet seen Guardians of the Galaxy i am completely enamored by the character Groot in everything i have seen of him

this is my take on him that i drew during one of our family crash out nights. you see, on friday nights the whole family piles into our bed and we watch a movie or lately it's been modern Family marathons and eventually my wife and kids are out asleep and i remain the last man standing. so i keep my tablet close by so i can sketch and keep watching TV with my wife and girls nestled around me

speaking of family, this also goes out for #helpfordyllon #artwithheart to help out a little boy that could use your help, to learn more about his cause visit the gofundme page:

i am going to donate the proceeds from sales of this design through the month of september towards it, so if you wanna help out and get a piece of fun art at the same time go get your groot on here:


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Yep. Seems correct.
From the #TeamNope Training Manual...

Via +Jose LaCario
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The lovely T. Blondi reconstructed...
(It's the mind control leg)
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1 year down & many more to follow! Wahoo! Today marks 1 full year since I made the decision to finally quit smoking for good. I honestly never thought it would be this easy! Vaping worked for me and it can work for you too! I will proudly continue to help spread the word about e-cigarettes because without it, I would have never made this far. I smell better, feel better, breathe better, and my sense of smell and taste have improved dramatically. Big Thanks to all of the support I found in this group and especially +Dion Gilyard who introduced me to this awesome lifestyle. No better way to celebrate than Cheesecake! ...and yes that's ice in my milk Happy day folks!
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Yes it is +Allen vapeit I dont know how i would have trudged through all of the complicated newbie stuff had i not had this awesome group helping me out. Day or night, seems there is always someone willing to help :)
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Such a sad loss <3
RIP Robin Williams....

You were one of my fav actors and I am truly sorry to hear of your passing. Think I'll watch What Dream May Come tonight.... perhaps my fav role of his.  :(

Almost all posts on all social networks are speaking about this great man... He touched many. 

The President issued a statement earlier that summed it up well I think - "Robin Williams was an airman, a doctor, a genie, a nanny, a president, a professor, a bangarang Peter Pan, and everything in between. But he was one of a kind. He arrived in our lives as an alien — but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit. He made us laugh. He made us cry. He gave his immeasurable talent freely and generously to those who needed it most — from our troops stationed abroad to the marginalized on our own streets".....

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Stephanie McNabb

EJuice reviews  - 
So I had some pretty awesome vapemail come in the last week or so from both Giant Vapes and Diamond Vapor. Besides the JTJM and Conjure, I decided to try some of Diamond's House juices and wow.... they can definitely hold their own and stand up to their reviews and descriptions.

Clouds of Berries- Berries & creamy goodness!

Death by Cotton Candy- Name says it all!

Rainbow Tiger- Zebra Stripe Gum

Gargamel's Curse- Smurfberries! Probably my favorite of them all. Seen this one after I had ordered. Excellent customer service was able to catch my order and add this one to make the sample pack.

Only one I have yet to try is Sin City... Thinking this will be a perfect Holiday vape! I think I'm good on juice for a while! :)
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Can not wait until Sunday! Anyone else out there love this show as much as i do? <3
Awake, arise, or be forever frozen! in SUNDAY SEPT 28th 8|7c for the Season Premiere of Once Upon A Time.
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Im not really digging the Frozen story so far but then again...Ive yet to see the movie
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Okay... Anyone got a minute?
Wanting to build a coil for my Russian clone and have some questions.
I am looking for a stronger vape, I just don't feel like the others are doing it for me it at 1.5 to 2.3.... I need to go lower. I have 26 gauge kanthal and wick. I have a box full of drill bits but no clue what size to use. Help!
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Cool, I have 32, 30, 28, and 24 gauge only, never had 26ga yet so I had to use the app, but I always use 3/32nds drill bit and know all the ohms by heart now for the guages I have.
That should be a nice warm vape on a Russian and Nemesis, any lower ohms could melt the silicone insulator so you are golden right there 👍
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#snapsfordyllon   #helpfordyllon  - Dyllon is a 4 year old budding photographer fighting leukemia.  As he has just entered Phase 2 of his treatment, we are entering Phase 2 of coming together to cheer up Dyllon, and assist his family with the costs of his treatments(see below for details should you wish to donate directly to the family (totally discretionary)).  Snaps For Dyllon is where the G+ Photography Community and beyond can come together and share an age-appropriate photo or two under the hashtags #snapsfordyllon   #helpfordyllon  to cheer him up as goes through the treatments the next few months that will basically keep him confined inside and at home.  Just copy the details in my post or write your own, and share your photo/snapshot for Dyllon publicly and tag at least one other person in your circles and challenge them to share an photo for Dyllon under the #snapsfordyllon  & #helpfordyllon  hashtags so that his mom +Jamie White can easily find them and share them with Dyllon.  Really easy, and let's see if we can get this trending here on G+ and beyond. 

If you wish to assist the family financially with the costs associated with his treatments, you may donate via PayPal directly to the family at or at their Go Fund Me page  Both his mom +Jamie White and his dad, Adam are posting updates on his treatments and condition.  Jamie posts here on G+ and Adam on Go Fund Me. 

While we understand that not everyone can donate financially due to these tough economic times, most G+ Photographers and friends can find a minute or two to post a photo/snapshot to cheer a young boy up.  Thanks for your support!
Dyllon is a 4 year old boy fighting Leukemia. The Care he needs is going to last for 3 years. During that time he will travel to a clinic an hour from his house and since Daddy is the only one working he will need to take some time off to get Dyllon to those appointments. Please help provide mone...
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Hey Guys
I am offering the following prints as framed 8x10s in support of #HelpForDyllon Dyllon is a precious 4 YO who is battling cancer and whose family is in need of help to offset their medical costs..

These photos are all taken in or near famous Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada and have never before been offered for sale.

Framed Prints will be on sale directly through me for only $80 until August 20th. Shipping will be included within North America, and $10 for Europe or Australia.

Artists, artisans, crafts people and small businesses are invited to donate the sale of one or more items with proceeds going directly to Dyllon's family through a paypal account or at their GoFundMe page found here:

The Art With Heart ~ Artists United Community can be found here if you would like to join in and help:

#helpforDyllon #ArtWithHeart #Leukemia #Community
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Wonderful tribute found in my feed <3
The Showman in The Bedazzled Crocodile Suit by Sean Cowen

I realized I had a POEM in me after hearing and watching a day of tributes to Robin Williams. Poems are few are far between in my twilight years, but he inspired me - as he always has. This one's for you, Robin.


A colorful robin flies 
Between two worlds, of pain and sheer ebullience. The world
According to all needs unabashed laughter. Loud laughter.
Pure joy. Captain, My Captain, fly again.
Fly. Soar. Float above us, wings stretched
Across a splashed canvass of colors
Brighter than should be allowed. Laugh.

WITH us, as we relish you, your rapier wit, yer
Joie de vivre.  Our tears are as big
As a lonely elephant when we guffaw. You
Made as chortle, and spew our drinks
Over and over. We have been Playdough, squeezed
Through the firm hands of a master puppeteer, willingly.

Good Morning, Heaven!
The pearly gates spread wide open
For El Maestro. A man, who's comedic touch
Was as light as a snowball; heavy
As a burning sun. Burning man
And its chaos almost captures your soul, chief.
You never had a friend like me, but we had you.

We didn't have you for 200 years
But celluloid will. Good Memory will. Books
Will be filled with legends, about one
Shining star that ignited generations of wild
Imaginations bellowing out, in dervish cries,
From bedrooms to boardrooms ... Nanu, Nanu!

The History Shaman in the Asimovian world of 
Tomorrow, in those Glorious Days of FUTURE
Will whisper but one name, robin.
And rainy days will start shedding their own
Barnum & Bailey tears. For you.
Messy, joyful, salty tears of 
Understanding mankind. As you understood this
More perfect union.

Can you rest now, maniacal man? Your dues 
Are Paid. The audience sleeps, as you sleep. 
You're in peace, tossed in the air 
From your mother's arms. Rest.
See you soon...
Don't worry, we'll improvise
The rest of the show.

#riprobinwilliams   #captainmycaptain   #robinwilliams   #poetry  

Source: ME
Sketch from The Guardian
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