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Stephanie L Davis

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:) Everything
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Stephanie L Davis

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Dealings in the world today.... ugh
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YES YES and MORE YES #tyrionlannister   #purplewedding  
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I just have to post... Source: Evil has a face. #GOT   #joffrey   #gameofthrones   #littlehouseontheprairie  
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Stephanie L Davis

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but dreams are dreams its always get terminate when we awake :D
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Stephanie L Davis

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Direct Mail Pro for Mac? Anyone else dissatisfied? More details here: #directmailpro   #mac   #apple   #fail   #customerservicefail  
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I've never used it. Just use regular 'ol apple mail app that comes with the OS. Works just fine 'n dandy.
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Stephanie L Davis

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Right on.
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Except me...I just can't pull off that fabulous outfit. :-) But you're always, and have always been, THE wonder woman!
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Stephanie L Davis

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Have to share.... lol
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Stephanie L Davis

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Obeying rules is very good that means responsability but if we can do it with fun that will be great
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Some good times with my dad and boyfriend tonight. Some good ole Irish food and whiskey and a broadway musical - Chicago!! I got a nice one -of-a-kind souvenir too! w00t! #broadway   #chicago   #musical   #nyc  
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sounds great hope to see it and Cabaret!
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Highly advanced in Social Media Content Marketing, Digital Media and Link Building, knowledge of SEO fundamentals, passion for and interest in emerging new medias, exceptional verbal, written and presentation skills, highly advanced computer skills, takes charge, high performance quotient, video editing, advanced Excel, PowerPoint and Photoshop skills, excellent skills in MS Office suite and Google Business Apps.
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Kansas City, Kansas - Lawrence, Kansas - Kansas City, Missouri - Chicago, Illinois - London, England - Syracuse, New York
Social & Digital Media Marketing Director & Consultant, New York, NY
Stephanie L Davis is an innovative, trend setting business woman with a sharp mind and tenacious drive that have catapulted her to success, both in the world of Real Estate, and in the new now- dominant frontier of Social Media. Welding the two together has cemented her reputation as a groundbreaking expert in the use of technology, art of branding, and reach of cyberspace to build business and optimize awareness.

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