I've been talking for months now about branded networks and how attorneys should be thinking about whether they are going to compete or collaborate with them or find some kind of online marketing balance.

If you have a virtual law office like I do, then the bulk of your clients are part of this huge market for online legal services - and a branded network company has a much greater potential to reach the public with the marketing dollars behind their brand name. Attorneys joining up however, either pay a fee for leads, or they are asked to generate content to enrich the value and SEO of the branded network's website - content that might otherwise be placed on their own firm website to increase their own direct leads.

It raises a lot of questions we are going to have to deal with eventually. Looks like the UK will be hit more directly now that the Legal Services Act is in full swing and more of these networks are taking a strong-hold on the profession. LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer are appearing in the UK in 2012.
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