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I love your page. This weekend I improved my baking with the Melting Moments recipe( which I may say was incredibly delicious) and the Pate Brisse wich I used to prepare a delicious Chicken Pie wich is very common in my country during the holidays. The pie fillein, is made of chicken, deliciously seasoned with garlic, salt, oregano, white onions, red sweet peppers, a touch of tomato sauce, olives, corn and a touch of raisins.
You're great Stephanie cos your videos instilled the passion of baking in me. Thanks! However I just want to know how to avoid burning the top of the cake? Can I cover it with foil paper when the top has turned brown?
Amanda, if the top of your cake is burning before the rest is done, you may have the rack in your oven too high. For cakes, the rack should be right around the middle, although every oven is different. You can check for hot spots by covering a large pan with bread and baking it for a few minutes at 400. Check the pattern of browning. There may be a spot or two that are darker than the rest. Those are your ovens hot spots. When baking, avoid them by rotating the cake or shift the pan side to side.

If you do try to foil method, put it on lightly, as you don't want to create steam
how do you best make shortbread pastry, sweet pastry and pate brisee without a food processor?
I have a simple question - about baking a vanilla cake. I want to bake it as a sheet cake (13x9) rather than the 2 9x1 1/2. What is the baking time difference?
Well, for me the best way to hand mix the shortbread pastry is with two forks. And for a cake that thin the time should be about 35 to 40 but it depends on the oven. Just keep an eye on it.
@Katherine, the baking time should be around 30-35 minutes (i'm kinda guessing though). Just look for it to be lightly golden on top, and test it with a toothpick to make sure its cooked though. In these cases, I try to find a similar recipe using the type of pan I'm planning to use and "steal" their cook times. Also, they do a good job with bake times on the back of box cakes with a variety of pans. I hope this helps!
Well, for me the best way to hand mix the shortbread pastry is with two forks.

And for a cake that thin the time should be about 35 to 40 but it depends on the oven. Just keep an eye on it.
Stephanie Jaworski - I cannot thank you enuf for all your videos. I have tried quite a few pudding and cake recipes from your site and they turned out really well.... Thank u, Thank u... :D
Stephanie you are absolutely remarkable. We love watching your masterful execution in the kitchen, yet you explain things simply. You really do put the joy back in baking! Thanks ~
Stephanie, I love the way you explain every step, really nice! I want to translate your post and your video to my readers if you allow me, I think it'll be so useful to everyone to see how simple and nice a cake could be done. Let me know, ok? My blog is about teach too.
HI, Do you have any recommendations on how to bake with a magnetron over? It's a combo microwave/ forced heat, top grill oven. I never use the microwave part as it freaks me out to eat irradiated foods, but I love baking and moved to Holland a year ago and can't seems to get my baked cakes or bread to cook evenly. Any info would be helpful! Thanks for you recipes too by the way!
Hello, Stephanie! I adore and your wonderful recipes!  I love to bake and it would be so nice to get some reccomendations from such a great baker like you. I have some questions about sponge cake. It is always tough! Very tough! And it doesn't rise well and flatly. I want to make it light and airy. Also I don't like eggs smell in sponge cakes. These always contains so many eggs...  
Let me ask you about vanilla extract. I live in Russia and I've never seen pure vanilla extract. What about making it myself vanilla beans are so expensive to make vanilla extract  using vodka... Sometimes I replace it with vanillin. It's a synthetic flavoring. It would be interesting to learn the right proportions for using vanillin instead of vanilla extract.
And, the last questions, about butter. I bake very often. And it is very very expensive to buy butter all the time. So I use margarine. I know that butter is much better but it's too expensive. I could use it for special occasions only. What do you think about margarine? Have you ever used it? Do you like the results? 
I'll be waiting for your answer,
-Anna from Russia.
Hello i had a question, your reciepes are delicious! i love them. i cant get over how yummy they are. but i wanted to know where you got your stand mixer? it looks nice and was wanting to but one like yours. What brand is it. if you could let me know that'll be great if not that wont be a problem. thanks!
Hello, i love watching your videos and trying your recipes specially for the cupcakes.. but lately, i can no longer watch the videos.. this is very important to me since in your video is where i can follow the steps and the consistency of the mixtures.. hope you can help me.. love lots :)
I have a question about the pumpkin cheesecake recipe.  I watched the video and at the end you said you had pecans in the crust, so you added some to the top of the cheesecake as well.  The recipe does not call for pecans in the crust, and you did not add any in the video when you made the crust.  What amount of pecans should I add to the crust.  Thanks very much.
Hi Stephanie
Your explanations are easy to follow and the cakes yummy.
Thank you
Hi Stephanie, I cannot thank you enough for your videos. I loved the way you exaplain recipes. please keep up the good work :) love and hugh
Loved the demo.

But please,  you're making puMPkin cookies, so the pronunciation is puMPkin, not punkin!! Yes - that mispronunciation is enough to put me off. I even correct small children who say punkin.
Hi Stephanie,  While watching your macaron video, you said to make sure that the confectioner sugar has corn starch.  Mine doesn't, so how much should I add to the 180 grams, please?  Many thanks for your help.
hi Stephanie, im a big fan of your videoes , i am interested in making sponge cake , but it sinks most of the time , can you please hejp me , i dont know the reason - i cooked it as in your video - oven tempreture is 180 degrees -heat up and down - hope to answer me as soon as possible - with my best regards
i ve been following your recipe.It is very good and delicious and  easy to prepare
Hi Stephanie, I recall that in one of your videos you discussed why you really like your stand mixer. Would you mind sharing the brand name of the appliance? I'm in the process of selecting one, esp with a good dough hook. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
I use a Kenwood Titanium Chef mixer. It used to be sold in the States under the Delonghi brand. I bought mine several years ago on ebay. Unfortunately Kenwood mixers can be hard to find in the States. Not sure where you can buy them anymore. I believe if you live in Canada you might be able to find them.
Thank you for your speedy reply, Stephanie. I am in Nova Scotia so I may be able to find a Kenwood. It's a reputable brand! Thank you again....Happy Holidays!
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