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#IdlewildPark  is a fantastic place for little ones. We go every year and highly recommend spending the day. Bring a cooler, a wagon for the wee ones, and your bathing suits--Soak Zone is AWESOME!

Click over to the blog for #discount  tickets!

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Hey #Pittsburgh pals: look ahead to some Fall fun with the +Citizens Bank Children's Theater Series. Enter now to win free tickets to a show of your* choice

*let's be honest: your kid is doing the choosing


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Though we share household and kid stuffs, our vacation prep is a little...imbalanced.

#Family   #Humor  

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Are you a #Pittsburgh  pal? Don't miss this fantastic savings on #IdlewildPark  tickets--this discount is better than what you'll find at the grocery stores or online! Hurry, get your #Idlewild  on!

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Donald Trump-esque racism, elitism, and sexism ruined the school where I used to teach. I LOVED that place and even 10 years later, it pains me to think about how a few hate-fueled people ruined what we had built. 

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Sugar addiction is real and I'm proof!
Granted, it's not a narcotic or a deadly substance, but I'm seriously struggling over here with SUGAR! I've been sick for the past 10 years and think I finally figured out why...

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yes, please
From the perspective of an educator, here are reasons why literature supports JUST SAYING NO to Trump. #TeachersAgainstTrump

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This is a fantastic tool to teach kids about money responsibility. "Earn Your Future" Digital Lab is a must for educators and parents!
What a fantastic tool to teach kids about money responsibility! "Earn Your Future" Digital Lab is a must for educators & parents!  

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It's a sensitive subject, but this public school is taking it on anyway. How do you feel about  #Fairfax  County Public Schools teaching gender identity and #transgender  issues?
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