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Stephanie Holland
Escape the 9-5 & be your own boss. Live + work on your own terms.
Escape the 9-5 & be your own boss. Live + work on your own terms.

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Nik Parks interviews startup strategist Stephanie Holland on inspiration, motivation and creative strategy.

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Launching Creative // featuring Stephanie Holland on how to stay focused, empowered and inspired.

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Stephanie Holland featured on Launching Creative Show

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4 Ways Travel Makes You A Better Entrepreneur #startup #travel #entrepreneur

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3 surprising ways the travel lifestyle can help you grow your startup

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What type of entrepreneur are you? [Even if you’re in the closet]

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Entrepreneurship is an invitation to claim personal & global sovereignty. Read the freedom business manifesto to find out how >>

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Hands down the type of entrepreneur you are – even if you’re still in the closet — will come down to one single factor:

the reason you become an entrepreneur in the first place.

[Which BTW for all you closet entrepreneurs you will soon discover is the same reason you do anything you do.]

So... what kind of entrepreneur are you?

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Over the past 5 years I’ve done consulting, coaching, I’ve written 2 books and created an online course — and experimented with quite a few other things — and I’m often asked: ‘How do you stay motivated to do what you do?’

My simple answer is that it doesn’t feel like work. It’s freakin’ hard and challenging sometimes but when I’m in my own rhythm — my own unique creative & focused flow — it feels natural to me to follow my ideas. It has become non-negotiable.

Is the marketing side tough? Yes.

Is the tech side tough? Absolutely, yes.

Have I nailed my business model yet? No.

Have I hit 6 figures yet? No.

So how the hell do I stay motivated?

If I were to really break it down there are 3 specific things that keep me motivated. And this is what we’re talking about in today’s episode!

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before you launch into profit planning, website nuts and bolts, list-building, communications, marketing and creating products & services, consider that these things are not the sole determinants of success.

If they were, every who works on their ideas 24-7 would be a success.

But 80% of startups fail within 18 months [according to Bloomberg], so clarity about your passion, purpose and vision, hard work and the best business strategies don’t determine the success of your company.

So what does?!
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