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Does anyone know how to add a YouTube video to a Google+ event page?
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The social media cold war rages on! 
Under Event Options, go to "advanced" and choose "show additional fields."Youtube URL" is one of the additional fields.
What's the over-under on how many weeks it takes G+ to streamline that by a step or two for higher visibility? 
+Stephanie Haberman Hmm, so you selected the advanced drop-down arrow, then show additional fields? I see it as the third field from the bottom...
Hmm, just tested something out, but the embed option using the given code in YouTube doesn't show properly (just shows the link). It would be great if in the details of the event it could have a video feed as well.
+Stephanie Haberman If the event has already been created it looks like you need to go to Actions, then Edit Event, then you should be able to follow the steps I mentioned previously.
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