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Here's how to outsmart fake news in your Facebook feed
By AJ Willingham, CNN Friday, November 18, 2016  (CNN) Just because it's on the internet doesn't make it true . It seems so simple, but if everyone knew that, Facebook and Google wouldn't have to pull bogus news sites from their advertising algorithms and p...

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Hayden, Marx in Conversation at NYPL
By Lisa Peet on November 8, 2016 Carla Hayden and Tony Marx in conversation at NYPL Photo credit: Chasi Annexy/The New York Public Library     On Halloween night, Friends and trustees of New York Public Library
(NYPL) got a treat that didn’t require a cost...

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Outrage in Bronx as Barnes & Noble Is Set to Close
By SARAH MASLIN NIRNOV. 2, 2016 Shauna Rose and her son,
Nicholai, 4, visited the children’s section of the Barnes & Noble in
the Bronx on Wednesday. She says they go there every day after school
and read the picture book “I Need My Monster.” Credit Amir...

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Bob Dylan, Titan Of American Music, Wins 2016 Nobel Prize In Literature 10-13-2016 Colin Dwyer
Bob Dylan performs in Chicago in 1978. He is the first
American to claim the Nobel Prize in Literature since Toni Morrison won
in 1993. Paul Natkin/Getty Images Bob Dylan has won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature. In doing so, the prolific
musician beca...

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Go Inside the Renovated New York Public Library Reading Room
Olivier Laurent October 5, 2016 The renovated New York Public Library Rose Reading Room / Ryan Fitzgibbon A group of Instagram photographers got an early look at the Rose Room It all started with a piece of plaster. On May 30, 2014, a piece of
ceiling fell...

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How Banning Books Marginalizes Children by Paul Ringel
Oct. 1, 2016 Since the 1800s, attitudes about which books are “appropriate” for kids
to read have too often suppressed stories about different cultures and
life experiences. Comstock / Getty Every year since 1982, an event known as Banned Books Week has b...

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Donate Your Books to Prisons: What, Why, and How by Becky Stone When you research how to donate your books to prisons, the same
phrase comes up over and over again: that books are a lifeline for
prisoners. As someone who is fortunate enough that most of my experience with the prison system h...

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Inside the New York Public Library's new $23 Million Subterranean Book Vault
The New York Public Library just spent $23 million to create a
gigantic storage space beneath Bryant Park to stash millions of
books. Our Michael Scotto takes look. This book is winding its way through the New York Public Library on
a high-tech $2...

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Ten Ways U.S. Librarians Can Inform the American Electorate by Kathy Dempsey
This poster is available at , along with nine short videos that explain each of the steps.     It’s no secret that the American political landscape has grown more
divided in recent years. The conservative right has been fracturing
since t...

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The mysterious ancient origins of the book [BBC Culture]
The debate about ebooks v paper books is nothing new. Keith Houston
explains how a very similar debate raged as the first books came to be
in ancient Rome. By Keith Houston 22 August 2016 The book is changing. Electronic books,
or ebooks, are more portab...
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