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Stephanie Griffaw
Hello, I am alive and lovely.
Hello, I am alive and lovely.

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This. A thousand times this. 

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Great show!

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That's what they are
Animated Photo

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Love this song.

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This is doorway into the way
At beauty of the univers
By is tool for switch on- off
Of all the door
And don't need play song with self just control keys all
Only one at the owner's noble heart is keys of all
to matter beautiful blooms of those flowers
If without this song
The flowers at wait blooming will fall and useless
The sense of wonder that lost out too
So happy eyes at ever have
Will not sparkle in those flowers
At waiting movement in the wind that dry dead later
This is the tool at important of all

Everything important at mind
and have the worth in self 
don't need must be dancer like you

Just need explain
So come back for this ..
Sorry! At be brat again

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Oh, hell yes!

Yoko Kanno & Seatbelts - Tank! Cowboy Bebop

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One of my faves.

Rammstein - Ohne Dich

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I love cheetahs!
What It Takes?

To be a good photographer? Around 20% skill and 80% luck! Ask a juvenile cheetah to stand and pose, to look straight at the camera and stay still while you take your photograph and it's never going to happen. Sit, wait and watch, go back time and time again, sit wait and watch some more and one day they will do what you have wanted from them. Not because you are a good photographer but because you just happen to get lucky.

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Good stuff here.
Another great educational and fun video from VSauce
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