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Stephanie Calahan
Boldly Build a Business Around Who You Are! Get your message out with power, ease and joy - visibility, marketing, business systems & money mindset - working at the intersection of head and heart.
Boldly Build a Business Around Who You Are! Get your message out with power, ease and joy - visibility, marketing, business systems & money mindset - working at the intersection of head and heart.


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Parenting and running your own business at the same time can be a challenge. What happens when you try to mix being an engaged and involved parent and owning a successful business? In this episode of The Productive Parent, Ana Reisdorf and I talk about the intersection between entrepreneurship and parenthood and how to effortlessly excel at both guilt-free and resentment-free! It really is possible with some focused intention and creative strategy.

Media Type: Audio
Length: 40 minutes

Listen Now! You'll Hear

01:40 A bit about my family

02:05 My story of how I started Calahan Solutions, Inc. – false starts and all and how I work with my clients today.

11:02 How to select a coach that will help you reach your goals and why that is important to your success.

17:58 Be honest with yourself about what you will really do before you hire someone.

25:53 How I balance owning a business and being a mom as a recovering control freak and recovering perfectionist.

31:00 Transitioning from work-time and mom-time and being intentional about being present to the moment.

32:54 Ask yourself, “What kind of mom do I want to be?” or “What do I want them to remember?”

34:40 How to think about your child when they misbehave while you are working.

37:43 My daily luxury that I allow myself to have.
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Are all of the different parts of you integrated into what you do? Recently, Cole Johnson and I sat down for what turned out to be one of the most personal interviews I have experienced in a long time. Good grief! He even “went there” and asked me about my biracial marriage and challenges we have faced. {grin}

Yet, understanding those personal parts and those life experience parts is what makes me, well… me! That is the whole point of his show, Revelations. Looking at all of the intersection points of a person to see how the whole is fearfully and wonderfully made.

I had fun talking with Cole and I hope that you will enjoy listening too.
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There are millions of different ways to make money. Why not make money doing stuff you actually like?⠀

How do you find out what you want, what audience to serve and how to do it being yourself?

+Brian Burkard asked me to come on his show, +The Marketers Mindset, to talk about this and a lot more. Since we had more time than a typical podcast, I was able to share a lot of details and exercises that you can do.⠀

You deserve a business that is profitable and life-loving. It doesn't have to be something that drains you in order to be successful. ⠀


#mindset #podcast #podcasts #podcasting #podcastlife #podcastlove #podcastqueens #podernfamily #podomatic #businesspodcast #slhcinterview #internetradio #StephCalahanInterview #businesscoach
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Working in a stressful environment is something that seems normal for many professionals. Yet, stress can cause a large number of health issues that often even lead to relationship issues. That certainly was the case for me and that is what Joanne Victoria of the San•IT podcast asked me to dive into. We talked about my decade of working in technology and consulting Fortune 50 companies. We talked about how that stress and bad boundaries impacted my life outside of work and what I did to create a life that eliminated the toxic stuff I had become accustomed to.

Media Type: Audio
Length: 37 minutes
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Did that bright shiny tactic tank again?

So … which one was it this week?

(You know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you?)

That exciting, shiny can’t miss tactic, that you swore you weren’t going to fall for. That replaced last month’s shiny can’t miss tactic.

Which replaced the one from the month before that. And the month before that …

Getting a bit tired of the tactic treadmill? And the “love you, then leave you” merry-go-round of Guru promises?

Then it may be time to finally settle down with
the one thing that actually works!

Because it just doesn’t make sense that folks like you, who have smarts and talent, fall short of your business goals because you don’t have the right tools or the right guidance.

Well that all comes to an end now! Suzanne Evans has created a powerful free livestream presentation called “The Six-Figure Solution”

It’s where you get the lowdown on what you need to stop getting in your own way. To stop buying into untested, flavor-of-the-month tactics that will never work.

And discover the simple but powerful ideas to get your money machine revving in high gear.

When you join Suzanne live, from wherever you are in the world on this world premiere broadcast, you’ll discover:
- The 5 crucial decisions that are keeping you broke. And how to make the six-figure choices that make you wealthy.
- The one simple thing you can do to get to six-figures fast. And multiple six figures (or even seven) once you master them.
- And the rapid revenue keys that can bring in the money you need now, and build the massive impact, big profit business you dream of!

You really can leave that endless learning curve in the dust, and stop driving yourself nuts, chasing success. And instead, master a simple strategy that delivers the clients and profits you want to your door.

Check it out.
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It really is possible to sell your services without feeling creepy about it. I talked with +Kat Sturtz about just that topic on her Fast Action Fridays show. We gave direct actionable steps that you can follow to make your sales process more successful and more fun.
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Today’s question is about self promotion and what you can do to get over feeling uncomfortable about putting yourself and your products “out there.”

How to Get Past Feeling Lame When Promoting What You Do?

Community Question – I feel lame promoting myself

“How do you not feel like a lame-o for promoting yourself? I have a few different skills (candle making and tutoring) and I always feel like a creep if I self promote, even though the things I make and do are high quality products. How do you get past feeling like a used car salesman?” — Katie G.

How to not Feel Icky or Lame with Self-Promotion

Hi Katie. Thanks for asking. Self-promotion is a challenge for a lot of people. Sometimes it is due to simply not knowing how to do it and other times it is because of deeper visibility blocks.

Let me ask you this:
keep reading for more.

#marketing #confidence #visibility #promotion #contentmarketing
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You Really Can Have Love & Money in the Same Conversation

+Morgana Rae and +Michele PW Pariza Wacek discuss how you can make fantastic money focused on love rather than based on fear. Powerfully brilliant women having an important conversation. Lots of great examples shared. Check it out.

#money #lovebasedsales #lovebasedcopy #fear #businessgrowth #successtips
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The Balancing Act: Finding Your Superpower

As an entrepreneurs and parents, +Teliah Gienger Teliah Gienger and I both have experienced the challenges of the ups and downs of attempting to find balance in our lives. Sometimes it has been easy and other times it has been downright horrendous.

Teliah asked me to come on her show and talk about what I do to stay grounded in my business and life. Those things that allow me to be able to give fully to my husband, children and business.

She asked me about my personal habits as well as my business practices. It was an interesting interview mixed with mom stuff and business stuff. You could say it was balanced. 🙂

Media Type: audio
Length: 47:55

You’ll Hear

00:00 Introduction

01:40 I share a bit about my personal life and why I chose the business structure that I have

03:57 My morning routine that sets me up for success in my day

08:48 My night time routine that helps me clear away the negative of the day and sets up the next day with power

10:02 Why water is so important to our ability to focus and get things done

11:47 Most important health habit that I practice every day

13:48 Owning your priorities and values and driving intentional results – the power of intention

17:23 My “Why” and my “Who”

19:36 How I got started and who I work with

23:03 Generating revenue with services or products

24:45 My biggest growth opportunity

29:11 Getting rid of money blocks and visibility blocks and trusting myself

31:01 Biggest success and “Wow” moments and why “working hard” may not be the best choice

35:45 Characteristic that leads to success

38:07 Taking ownership of everything that is going on around you

39:08 How to get success in your various life roles

41:23 My favorite resource

42:41 The books I’m reading right now

45:16 Key takeaway – the comparison game
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If you are tired of watching other people get recognition and visibility for something you do 10x better, then this is the show for you.

One of the best ways to attract the ideal prospects for your business is to consistently demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and genius and show how you solve specific problems.

You can do this through guest appearances on TV shows, podcasts, blogs, radio shows, YouTube shows, etc. Once you have been on the shows, you have an opportunity to leverage that experience to spread the episode like wild. Are you making the most of every opportunity?

That is what I talked to +Dayo Samuel about on his show, Audacity to Lead. Listen in to discover how you can be the one that people raise their hands to work with instead of you chasing and trying to convince them.

Media Type: audio podcast
Length: 43:27
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