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Stéphane Jean

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You know that solar eclipse time lapse I was gonna shoot today?

Yeah, that's gonna have to wait. :-/

But, no worries – apparently I'll get a new chance in 2039! :)
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Ja, jag har hört talas om de där fullblodslejonen, +Mikael Sjösten. ;)
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This one's for you, dear +Luster Lai. I guess "eventually" wasn't that far away. ;)
 I hope that the sun is brightening your day and if not, maybe this flower might do the trick..?

Of course, it's also #FloralFriday! I hope that you've all had a great one. :)

The +FloralFriday theme was created by +Tamara Pruessner and is co-curated by +Beth Akerman, +Kiki Nelson, and +Eustace James

#macroaddict (+MacroAddict) curated by +Sandrine Berjonneau  and +Jean-Pierre Malézieux and +Christian PR and +Den Bassi and +Ruth Hochholdinger and +***

#hqspflowers +HQSP Flowers curated by +Kawthar A +Krystina Isabella Brion +Melania Pierce +Kanlaya Chungsangornpornsuk +Wayne Lu +Iva Pas

#hqspmacro +HQSP Macro curated by  +Terrie Gray +Robert Vierthaler +Albert Vuvu Konde +Stefanie Schächtel

#flowerpower : +FLOWER POWER curated by +Edith Kukla

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juli caro
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Good evening to you too, +harmeet bahra. I know what garam masala is but I didn't get the rest. ;)
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Stéphane Jean

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The beauty and pitfalls of shared circles

I circled +Steve Dimock months ago, without ever laying eyes on his exceptional work. How crazy is that!?
Well this morning I stumbled across it by accident and what a treat!! :)
If you haven't checked him out before (+Les Imgrund ;), I definitely think you should. Right now!
Day 5 of 5

I was challenged by +Fabio Corona   to post one B&W nature photo for each of the next 5 days and to challenge a new photographer each of the five days. Today, I challenge +Susan Dimock    to produce 5 fabulous B&W images. (I saved the best for last :-) )

Todays image is an extreme close-up of a Brown Pelican. This bird was overly cooperative and I began to do some experimentation with my images while it sat watching the nearby crabbers. This abstract is one I rather enjoyed. I hope you like it as well.

#hqspmonochrome  +HQSP Monochrome  #hqspmacro  +HQSP Macro  #macrogallery  +Macro GALLERY 
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Tack så mycket och detsamma, +Åsa Bylund! :)
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Stéphane Jean

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Thank you very much for this week, +Margaret Tompkins and +Landscape Photography! :)
Landscape Photography Best of the Week!!!

Congratulations to all those great photographers whose photographs have been selected this week by the curators of #landscapephotography +Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Show +Margaret Tompkins +Jim Warthman +Kevin Rowe +Johan Peijnenburg +David Heath Williams +Tom Hierl +Carolyn Lim +Howard L. Smith +Kai Kosonen +Sheila B. DuBois +Toshi Nakamura +David Pilasky +Bill Wood +Tony Phillips +Jeff Beddow +Kevin O'Connell +Tom Lussier +david Liu
Do you want to be a part of this circle?  Share one of your best landscape photographs to the +Landscape Photography theme.  Add the names of some of the curators and get one of them to share your photo to the theme page!!  Each week we will share the profiles of those whose photos have been selected to be shared to the theme page!!  They’re picky so share only you’re very best!!  Good luck!!  Be sure to share and follow these great folks.  They’re the Best of the Week!  

We have some wonderful new photographers this week!!  Congratulations on having your photographs selected for the +Landscape Photography page.  If you enjoy this circle, please share it with your friends!!

#CircleShare  #SharedCircles  #LandscapePhotography  +Landscape Photography
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You're very welcome +Stéphane Jean !!  Thanks so much for your share!!  I really appreciate that!!
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Älgafallet (Moose Fall) in colour

This is a colour version of the photo that I posted for last weeks #longexposurethursday and day four of my  "fivedayblackandwhitechallenge" (

The processing here is a bit "different" (it's not split toned) and is based on a method that I discovered by accident (it's nothing fancy) when I got the chance to process one of +Toshi Nakamura's beautiful photos, about a year ago (those results can be seen here: -- thank you once more, Toshi :).

This is also a thank you to +Luster Lai (here's the image you requested the other day, dear), +Albert Vuvu Konde, +Erin A.D. +Mikael Sjösten and +Åsa Bylund, for encouraging me to "come back". :)

Why have I been gone for so long? Well, for those of you that don't know, you'll just have to wait for an explanation in another post. :P

+LongExposure Thursday is curated by +Francesco Gola and +Luca Gerardi

#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Show +Margaret Tompkins +Jim Warthman +Kevin Rowe +Johan Peijnenburg +David Heath Williams +Tom Hierl +Carolyn Lim +Howard L. Smith +Kai Kosonen +Sheila B. DuBois +Toshi Nakamura +David Pilasky +Bill Wood +Tony Phillips +Jeff Beddow   
+Kevin O'Connell +Tom Lussier
+david Liu

#hqsplandscape , +HQSP Landscape curated by +Nader El Assy +Luca Ferroglio +Craig Loxley +Dorothy Pugh +Jesse Martineau +David D +Mike Hankey +Leo Schubert
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the silk screens of glistening light, life and it's boundless energies.. magnifico!
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rare beauty.. focus pivot create with the eye behind the lens!
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+Sandrine Berjonneau – merci beaucoup! :)
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+Luster Lai :)
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thanks a lot dear +Stéphane Jean 
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Among a few other remarkable things, G+ has given me the chance to meet and make a few friends, but none like this genuinely fantastic person and photographer.
 So Happy, HAPPY Birthday, dear +Luster Lai! May this year be your best ever! :)
 Thanks for all the good times, words of wisdom and all the inspiration, dear!


#hqspmacro +HQSP Macro curated by  +Terrie Gray +Robert Vierthaler +Albert Vuvu Konde +Stefanie Schächtel

#macroaddict (+MacroAddict) curated by +Sandrine Berjonneau  and +Jean-Pierre Malézieux and +Christian PR and +Den Bassi and +Ruth Hochholdinger and +Mia Morvan

#flowerpower : +FLOWER POWER curated by +Edith Kukla
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+Luster Lai. :)
I'll get you some more (eventually… ;).
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Stéphane Jean

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Hmm, tempting.
Very tempting indeed. ;)
Do you want images like this in your portfolio ? Or even just experience it's magic ? Image by +Arild Heitmann -

Please visit if you want to experience the Arctic with +Arild Heitmann and yours truly via our hugely popular phototours. Sign up as a group of 3 or more friends and receive a 150 EURO discount each. Family discounts are also available.

Tour dates:

09/1 - 16/1 - Whispers Of Arctic Winter with +Felix Inden Photography 
31/1 - 08/2 - Stetind & Lofoten Adventure
20/2 - 02/3 - Exclusive Series - Lofoten & Senja with +Kah Kit Yoong 13/3 - 23/3 - Exclusive Series - Lofoten & Senja with +Ryan Dyar 
28/6 - 05/7 - Lofoten in Midnight with +Iurie Belegurschi 
09/9 - 16/9 - Autumn & Aurora Borealis in Lofoten with +Rod Thomas 

Also, be sure to check out our tours in collaboration with Slåttebakken Adventure and +Anders Hanssen - we just launched it a few weeks ago, and bookings are already flying in !

15/2 - 22/2 - Senja Adventure Vol. 1
06/3 - 13/3 - Senja Adventure Vol. 2

Social media links:

Circle me on Google+: 

+Stunning Moment +Amazing Places to See +Artist , photographer , amateur or professional +Friends of NASA +SpaceWeatherLive +NASA +NASA's Earth Observatory +EarthPorn +PHOTOMENTARY by Nikon +Nikonians +Nikon USA +Visit Norway USA +BTP Landscape Pro +BTP Daily Highlight +LongExposure Thursday +HQSP Landscape +HQSP Night +HQSP Photo Art +Nightscapes +Best Top Photographer Group +Photo Tour Global Directory™ +Photo Mania Global +Photo Mania Scandinavia +Nature Gallery +National Geographic +Nature Photography +Nature +Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Show +LANDSCAPE Photos +Toshi Nakamura +David Pilasky +Jesse Martineau +Robert SKREINER +Dirk Müller +Nancy Dempsey +Margaret Tompkins +Roswitha Böhmer +Alycia Miller +Kai Kosonen +Johan Peijnenburg +Zvonimir Fras  #nightphotography   #nightscapes   #auroraborealis   #auroraborealisphotography   #northernlights   #norway   #norwaylandscapephotography   #norwayphotos   #norwaylandscape   #longexposure   #longexposurephotography   #nikon   #nikonphotography   #nikonphotographers   #nikonshooters   #nikond800   #nature   #naturephotography   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #lofoten   #lofotenislands   #fineartphotography   #friendsofnasa   #spaceweather   #solarstorm   #astronomy   #astrophotography   #astrophotographers  +Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD) +Astronomers Without Borders  #nationalgeographic   #nationalgeographicphotos  
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+Luster Lai – ahaa! ;)
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