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"Data is the raw material of my craft" - Stéphane Hamel
"Data is the raw material of my craft" - Stéphane Hamel

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Da Vinci Tools keeps getting better! The latest release includes an intuitive and very simple A/B confidence testing tool right where you need it the most: in the Google Analytics interface.

Check out Da Vinci Tools - I would love to get your feedback!

Get the Chrome extension from

Read more about this enhancement at


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Da Vinci Tools - GTM Tidy!

Experimenting with GTM Preview, I bring you GTM Tidy! A new feature of Da Vinci Tools:
- improved look with tags and trigger icons matching what you have in the GTM editor
- all code blocks are formatted and beautified
- thanks to +Stu Bowker - the preview frame won't overlap the page when scrolling down (doesn't work 100% of the time, but much better then nothing!)

And of course, especially for my GTM friends:
- the "Hide Me" switch will prevent GTM from loading (just for the current user)
- dimensions, metrics and other values are sorted (how come the GTM team haven't fixed that by now!)
- easily turn on/off all built-in variables - an original idea from my friend +Phil Pearce

And there's a ton of features for GA too! :)

I'm always open to ideas, suggestions and bugs (although I prefer the former two!)

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Weird issue with GTM Preview

Repro steps:
1) click on Preview
2) the tab reload and I can briefly see the Preview console before the page refresh (it shouldn't be visible at all)
3) the GTM workspace reloads and preview isn't enabled

I thought it might be caused by my new Chrome extension, Da Vinci Tools. I disabled all extensions, cleared cache & other data, even reset all browser configs to no avail.

I switched to a different user and it worked, although in the console I can see some error (for both users) - see attached animated GIF capture.

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The latest release of Da Vinci Tools brings a killer feature!

Easily turn off GA tracking or prevent GTM from loading when you conduct tests or don't want to pollute your data. No more custom filters based on your (changing) IP address or other complex technical solutions!

See the screenshots - a simple on/off switch right at the top of the GA and GTM reporting interface.

This is one of the many (and growing) list of features in this new Chrome extension:
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My take about this very interesting social media analytics & monitoring platform.
+Stéphane Hamel gives his take on our social media analytics platform & our Google Analytics integration. Thanks Stéphane !

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Da Vinci Tools is out!
Beta testers welcome!

Da Vinci Tools brings handy enhancements, bug fixes and hacks directly into the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager interfaces.

This very first release includes a couple of handy features, and there are many more to come! You can check the public roadmap to comment & add your vote for what you would like to see next:

Get the Da Vinci Tools Chrome extension now here: 

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Bug in GA reporting interface

Pretty confident I found an issue with the latest GA reporting interface. By default, at least for me, the sampling level is "Greater precision". However, the data shown will use the "Faster response" sampling level.

To test it:
1) open a new GA reporting session
2) from your Audience report, define a custom segment that you know will force some sampling
2) Notice the sampling %
3) Switch to Faster response - the report will come back with the same %
4) Switch back to Greater precision - the reported sampling % will be higher...

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Very interesting use of Tableau with GA ecommerce data for greater insight, via +Marco Pasin

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+Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a popular tool and is used by many #measure analysts to check their sites. In version 7, there is now a rendering mode that will execute JavaScript, thus potentially firing all tags - this could impact your stats.

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Digital analytics industry veteran roundup: What's in store for 2017

What can we expect to see in the world of data and analytics in the coming year? Columnist David Booth asks industry partners, colleagues and competitors to weigh in with their predictions.
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